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Ph.D. Summer School

The summer school is organized by The College of Europe in Warsaw, the Center for the Study of European Politics and Societyat the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in cooperation with the KAS Israel and in the Palestinian Territories.


The Ph.D. Summer School will concentrate on the dynamics between the European Union (EU) and its eastern and southern neighborhoods, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a special focus on the revised European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) framework, which is currently undergoing yet another review process. It will analyze the evolution and implications of the ENP, the social and political transformations in the neighboring countries, issues related to conflict and territorial occupation, and discuss how the most recent developments in the ENP countries, as well as in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, influence EU policies and politics.

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Catherine Hirschwitz

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Projektmanagerin (Frauenprojekte, Menschenrechtsdialog, Europa-Angelegenheiten) +972 2 567 1830 +972 2 567 1831

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