KAS Japan Weekly COVID-19 Updates

23 June

Covid-19 has played an interesting role in removing unnecessary seal stamping cases in Japanese life and pushed the government to adopt first face to face online medical consultation. Watch the video to learn more!

KAS Japan Weekly COVID-19 Updates

18 June 2020

The IMF warns that the new economic growth projections that will be released on June 24 “will be, very likely, worse than what we had” as Asia faces significant job losses.

KAS Japan Weekly COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 and Political Economics

Policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrate the interconnectedness of politics, economics and other considerations.

KAS Japan COVID-19 Weekly Updates

Sharpest decline in remittances

The World Bank estimates that remittance flows will have the sharpest decline in 2020. Remittances will fall 22.1 % in South Asia and 13% in East Asia and the Pacific.

KAS Japan Weekly COVID-19 Updates

2 June 2020

Discussion on green recovery from Covid-19 is quite active in Europe. Key messages are: 1. It is not an active debate in Japan. 2. A few examples in the economic stimulus package include financial supports to companies that will repatriate their production to Japan under a certain condition; to SMEs that will install high-efficiency ventilation equipment to their restaurants. 3. Green is not a strong voice, generally speaking. Watch the video to learn more!

KAS Japan Weekly COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 and globalization

COVID-19 is forcing a re-examination of globalization. As economies reopen, analysts have observed growing bias towards self-reliance and worrying trends on the politicization of travel and migration.

KAS Japan Weekly COVID-19 Updates

26 May 2020

On Tuesday (May 25th) the Government of Japan lifted the state of emergency off from the remaining areas including Tokyo. In a press conference, PM Abe was proud to announce that “Japan model” showed its strength. Key messages are: (1) The general public had frustrations with the GOJ’s responses (i.e. late declaration of state of emergency, lack of PCR tests) (2) Asahi Newspaper reported that only 29% of the public support the Abe government. (3) GOJ will decide its 2nd economic package on May 27th. 1st and 2nd economic packages combined will make some 200 trillion yen in business scale. (4) Effectiveness of the economic and containment measures will be the key to a true success

KAS Japan Weekly COVID-19 Updates

Asia's stimulus packages

Governments across Asia are releasing massive stimulus packages as COVID-19 pushes economies into recession.

KAS Japan Weekly COVID-19 Updates

19 May 2020

On May 18, the Government of Japan released the Quarterly Estimates of GDP for January - March 2020. Key messages include: The first quarterly GDP stood at minus 3.4%, which was not as bad as expected. The figure for the second quarter is said to be some minus 20%, which would be worse than that when we had the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. GOJ may soon lift the state of emergency off from Tokyo as the new infection cases decrease to 100 or less day to day. Cabinet Office of Japan

KAS Japan Weekly COVID-19 Updates

How Asia is reopening amidst COVID-19

Some Asian countries are beginning to ease lock downs and cautiously reopening economies amidst the threat of case resurgence.

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