Soicial Protection

Kravanh is 7 months pregnant and is employed as a cleaner in Phnom Penh. Her husband, Prayuth, works as a garbage collector. She has 7-year old twins living with her parents back in her hometown in Kampong Cham province. Her twins study in grade two at a local primary school located 15 minutes away from her parents’ home. Due to the income level of the family the school provides two free meals every school day, under the “home-grown” school feeding scheme. Helping to support this scheme in their retirement, Kravanh’s parents utilize their 50 square meter backyard to grow vegetables to supply some of the primary schools in their district. While visiting her parents and children during Khmer New Year, Kravanh gives birth prematurely. In a compounding turn of events, Prayuth also finds himself in a traffic accident and in need of medical attention for a broken foot.

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