Future of Work

Digital Insights Issue 4/2021

The world of work is changing at a rapid pace. Innovations in technology are becoming more widespread and are increasingly finding their way into the most diverse areas of work. The increasing use of Artificial Intelligence will greatly change the future of work. New technologies and digitalization have an impact on the way we work and how we organize our work. This latest volume of Digital Insights will bring the discussion on how digitalization transforms the ways of work and how the future of work looks like.

Transforming the Workplace of Cambodia's Young White-Collar-Workers

Future of Work

Cambodia's economy has been transforming towards skills-driven, service and professional jobs. White-Collar-Workers play a pivotal role within this emerging transformation that as of 2020, covered approximately 11% of Cambodia's workforces. With the increasing importance of White-Collar-Workers in the country and with little evidence to support the hypothesis raised in other contexts, this paper aims to shed much needed new light as the realities of young White-Collar-Workers in Cambodia.

Wo informiert sich Kambodscha?

„Mit Schlagzeilen erobert man Leser. Mit Informationen behält man sie.“ - Alfred Harmsworth

Die zunehmende Fokussierung der deutschen, europäischen und amerikanischen Außenpolitik auf den indo-pazifischen Raum verdeutlicht die wachsende Relevanz der Region und damit auch von Ländern wie Kambodscha, die als Raum der systemischen Rivalität gesehen werden. Umso wichtiger ist es, zu verstehen, wie die Menschen in der Region denken und auf welcher Grundlage sie ihre Meinung bilden.

KAS Cambodia

Yet Another Great Game? Indo-Pacific Strategies and Southeast Asia

Diplomatic Briefing Issue 03/2021

In der neuesten Ausgabe des Diplomatic Briefings sehen wir uns den Indo-Pazifik an und wie internationale Akteure in wahrnehmen und versuchen ihn zu gestalten. Wir werfen einen Blick darauf, was die diversen Konzepte für ASEAN und Kambodscha im Speziellen bedeuten und ob der Indo-Pazifik wirklich bloß die neueste Arena für die Auseinandersetzung zweier Großmächte ist. Die Publikation ist auf Englisch erhältlich.

Mekong Connect: Volume 3, Issue 1

Post-Covid-19 Economic Recovery in the Mekong Region

Willkommen zur Juni-Ausgabe 2021 des Mekong Connect Magazins, einer gemeinsamen Publikationsinitiative des Asian Vision Institute (AVI) und des Kambodscha-Büros der Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS). Die Veröffentlichung des Magazins zielt darauf ab, einem breiteren Publikum Zugang zu den Schlüsselherausforderungen der Mekong-Anrainerstaaten zu ermöglichen, darunter öffentliche Gesundheit, Klimawandel, Handel und Wirtschaft, Ernährungssicherheit, Armut und Entwicklung, Digitalisierung, Frieden und Sicherheit sowie internationale Zusammenarbeit. Die Publikation ist ausschließlich auf Englisch verfügbar.

What Do Cambodians Think?

Insights and Attitudes towards Society and Politics in Cambodia

This survey aims to provide a greater understanding of social and political attitudes as well as opinions and perspectives in Cambodia. Its findings are clustered around the following topics: daily life, political participation, media consumption, civic engagement and international relations.

Cambodia 2040: International Relations and Governance

Cambodia has experienced drastic changes since the signing of the Paris Peace Accords in 1991. Twenty-five years later, Cambodia is a lower middle-income country with consistently high GDP growth rates and concomitant improvements in human security as measured by the Human Development Index (HDI). The question that Cambodia confronts today is a seemingly simple one, but which is in fact remarkably complex: Whither Cambodia? From energy to industrialization to agriculture, how are the diverse sectors of Cambodian society and the Cambodian economy likely to develop over the next two decades?

Reseearch Study on a Former Khmer Rouge Prison M-13

by Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

The study of the history of the Khmer Rouge is a significant motive to prevent the future tragedy of violence and genocide from ever happening again. The examples of the regime’s violent acts are reflected through the experiences of forceful hard works, confiscation, torture, prisoning, and millions of innocent killings.

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia

Challenges, Cooperation and Development Models

Against the backdrop of urgent needs at the national, regional and global levels for sustainable development based on clean and renewable sources of energy, this book volume is a collection of policy-oriented research papers published with the intention to raise awareness and stimulate policy interests in renewable energy and approaches to sustainable development.

Sustainability and Digital Innovation

Digital Insights Ausgabe 2021

Digital innovation, new technologies and sustainability are the paramount topics of our time. The last decades cautioned humanity about the downsides of growth and development due to planetary boundaries. More and more people started realizing that our genius cannot sustain if we do not think sustainable. This volume of Digital Insights addresses the potential synergies of a sustainable and digital transformation.