KASPOP Photo Contest

How Do You Manage Your Solid Waste?

"How Do You Manage Your Solid Waste?" is the theme of this year's KASPOP Photo Contest that aims to provoke the sharing of innovative thoughts and good practices of Cambodian people on how they manage their solid waste.


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KASPOP Photo Contest

Call for Submissions

Solid Waste Management (SWM) in Cambodia is still largely dominated by the informal sector, specifically waste pickers, who’s largely contribute to waste management through collecting, sorting and trading. By exploring the possibility of integrating informal sector into solid waste management system in Cambodia through partnership and collaboration, it can provide an opportunity for the informal workers to thrive in the waste management supply chain. KAS Cambodia, together with our partners will organize the Waste Summit Cambodia 2022 on 13th August 2022 to bring together executives working within German Business Group, local waste management organizations, line departments, and other relevant non-governmental organizations and communities from all sectors across Cambodia. The aim is to create a sustainable dialogue and to create a platform to enable future partnerships between problem-solver, investors, start-ups and other relevant actors.

In line with the Waste Summit, KAS Cambodia, in partnership with VitaminAir and KOOMPI would like to announce the Open Call for Submissions for the KASPOP Photo Contest. We believe everyone has their own way of contributing to the better solid waste management in Cambodia. Therefore, we want to ask “How do you manage your solid waste?” to all the young Cambodians out there. The objective of the photo contest is to encourage people to participate in learning and contributing to the solid waste management in Cambodia through simple methods such as sharing of inspiring photos that can reflect meaningful message.



The contest is open for any interested individuals from all backgrounds except:

  • KAS staffs and, 
  • VitaminAir and KOOMPI Staffs.

Rule of the contest

  • Contestants must submit Only One Original Photo that he or she thinks best describes the contest’s theme.
  • The photo Can be Taken from Either Professional Camera or from Smartphone and must be taken recently within this year. 
  • Each entry/photo must be submitted with a short caption, No Longer Than 3 Sentences, that describes message of the photo. 

Copyrights and Usages of the Photo

  • Contestant must be the sole author and owner of the copyright for the photo and caption they submit, or they must have obtained permission (with written consent) from the copyright holder to submit the entries on their behalf.
  • Photos of the shortlisted candidates, are within the rights of Waste Summit to publicize for public voting and showcasing purpose.


  1. Call for Submissions: we are open call for submissions from 30th June 2022 till 10th July 2022. All interested individuals are welcome to submit their photos. 
  2. Shortlisting: organizers of the contest will proceed the shortlisting process based on the set criterias. The decision will be made within 2 to 5 days after the deadline of submission. Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted and notified of the results along with the other key requirements set by the organizers. 

  3. Public Voting – (For People’s Choice Award): all of the shortlisted photos will be posted on Waste Summit Cambodia's Official Facebook Page. Any photo that received most likes, shares, and comments will be the winning photo of the People’s Choice Award.

  4. Lives-Judging – (For KASPOP Award): all of the shortlisted photos, including the winning photo of People’s Choice Award, will be placed in the final round of contest. At least three professional judges will be invited to assess and grade the shortlisted photos. They will decide on who will be the top 3 winners of the competition.

Category of Award & Prize & Benefits

There are two types of award in this photo competition: 1) KASPOP Award, and 2) People’s Choice Award. In following are the prize and benefits for the top 3 winners and the shortlisted candidates. 

1. KASPOP Award:

  • Top 1: 200 USD Cash Prize + Vacation at Vitamin Air + Invitation to Exhibit the Photo at the Waste Summit Cambodia 2022 & other benefits
  • Top 2: 150 USD Cash Prize + Vacation at Vitamin Air + Invitation to Exhibit the Photo at the Waste Summit Cambodia 2022 & other benefits
  • Top 3: 100 USD Cash Prize + Vacation at Vitamin Air + Invitation to Exhibit the Photo at the Waste Summit Cambodia 2022 & other benefits

2. People's Choice Award: 200 USD Cash Prize + Vacation at Vitamin Air + Invitation to Exhibit the Photo at the Waste Summit Cambodia 2022 & other benefits

3. Other Finalists: In-Kind Gift + Invitation to Exhibit the Photo at the Waste Summit Cambodia 2022. 


How to join the contest? 

Interested individuals are invited to submit the application form and their photos here. 

Important Dates

  • 30 June 2022: Open Call for Submissions
  • 10 July 2022: Deadline fo Submissions
  • 11-15 July 2022: Shortlisted Photos Announcement
  • 15 - 30 July 2022: Public Voting
  • 03 August 2022: Final Round (Lives Judging)
  • 13 August 2022: Waste Summit Cambodia (+ Photo Exhibition at the Summit)
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