KAS-For Legal Youth Network
A space for young Cambodians in legal sector to learn and connect beyond working and studying.



KAS-For Legal Youth Network
A space for young Cambodians in legal sector to learn and connect beyond working and studying.
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International Relations Synopsis


International Relations Synopsis is a monthly informal discussion that brings researchers, diplomats, and experts from all across Cambodia to discuss on relevant international relations and global politics topics that have happened throughout the month with interested young Cambodian students at different university campuses. The Synopsis discussion will go deeper into detail background of each major international event with interactive conversation and critical analysis of the causes and impacts of the events.


Research Colloquium - Call for Speakers!

The monthly Research Colloquium 2021 is now publicly open for interested researchers who wish to present their ongoing research projects within a constructive feedback environment of the Research Community in Cambodia.


Waste Summit 2020

Waste to Energy

Waste is created in every country. In Cambodia, robust economic development coupled with a rapidly growing population mean the amount of waste generated in urban center, particularly Phnom Penh, is growing dramatically. The capital city generates around 4.09 million tons per year of solid waste, 55.3% of the total waste comes from household, followed by hotels/guesthouses (16.7%), restaurants (13.8%), markets (7.5%), shops (5.4%) and offices (1.4%). Could these wastes be turned into energy? Cambodia, apart from waste management issue, has also suffer from significant energy shortage. The country has among the highest electricity prices in the regions, especially in rural areas which could cost up to USD 1 per kWh. Given Cambodia’s alarming level of waste production and the rising concern over energy access, the process of turning waste to energy could be the future solution for the country.


Political Education Academy 2020

The Political Education Academy is organized by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Cambodia with the support of our partner, Politikoffee. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) recognizes youth as a positive force for transformative positive social changes and aims to enhance their participation in Cambodian politics. The political participation of young people needs to be meaningful and effective, going beyond token gestures. This requires that young people have fundamental knowledge on politics and leadership skills, as well as a strong connection between each other in order to be able to share experiences, build trust in a polarized political environment, collaborate and support each other. Through the annual “Political Education Academy”, launching for the first time in spring 2019, this year 2020 we aim to continue supporting the active participation of youth in political processes and empower the next generation of political, governmental and civil society leaders.


KAS Picture Oppose Plastic

Clean Living - Smart Choice

In Phnom Penh alone, around 10 million plastic bags are used on a daily basic. From food vendors to clothing retails, most items we are consuming are wrapped, packaged or served using plastic. In a place where plastics are so embedded in people’s lives, how can we switch consumer behavior to reduce such consumption?


Call for Papers

The 19th Law Talk Publication “Law in the Digital Age: Protection of Consumer Rights”

The ASEAN Strategic Action Plan on Consumer Protection (ASAPCP) 2016-2025 has been implementing by the ASEAN Member States (AMS), and each state has adopted the law on consumer protection. Cambodia’s Law on Consumer Protection promulgated via the Royal Kram No. NS/RKM/1119/016 dated 02 November 2019 aims to ensure the protection of consumers and to promote a good faith of competition.


Expert Talk

Plastic in Economy

Similar to global context, waste management issue is quite challenging in many municipalities and districts of Cambodia as well as in Phnom Penh Capital. However, we are facing lots of difficulties to manage it in a proper manner. Just in Phnom Penh, the amount of collected waste amount is about 3,000 ton/day in 2019. This is a very concerned data for open dumping of those mixed waste to a landfill which would create many environmental impacts and lost many waste-to-resource recovery options to promote circular economy in Cambodia.



Beethoven 250

A joint project between Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Cambodia and German Cambodian Cultural Center will be carried out in context of lecture and the chronological exhibition of Beethoven’s life stations under the theme “Freedom is the only purpose”. The purpose of this program is to encourage and ignite the support on Cambodian freedom of expression that remarkable individual like Ludwig van Beethoven, bravely and freely expressed himself and addressed the development of society. 2020 marks 250 years of his legacy that freedom is the only purpose!

Studien- und Informationsprogramm


Phnom Penh, March 26th-27th, 2020

Faculty of Law and Public Affairs of Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia(FLPA) and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Cambodia will jointly organize the first-ever Legal Training on consumer’s rights protection in digital economy with the purpose to promote an awareness, teaching, discussion and researches on consumer's rights protection, Internet of Things, and consumer privacy and personal data protection.


THINK Green - SAVE Energy

Prctical Energy Efficiency Seminar

THINK Green, SAVE Energy the new practical energy efficiency seminar is designed to provide beyond the studies insights into the professional and potential working environment.

Menschenrechte und Rechtsstaatlichkeit auf lokaler Ebene

Die kambodschanische Dezentralisierungspolitik und die Vertretung lokaler Interessen im Parlament

Das Landesbüro Kambodscha der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) hat gemeinsam mit dem kambodschanischen Senat anlässlich des internationalen Menschenrechtstages am 10. Dezember ein ganztägiges „Seminar über Menschenrechte und Rechtsstaatlichkeit auf lokaler Ebene – Die kambodschanische Dezentralisierungspolitik und die Vertretung lokaler Interessen im Parlament“ durchgeführt. Auf der Veranstaltung wurde die Bedeutung der kambodschanischen Dezentralisierungspolitik für die Förderung der Rechtsstaatlichkeit reflektiert.

Die Zusammenarbeit zwischen ASEAN und der EU

Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Horst Posdorf, MdEP, am International Relations Institute of Cambodia

Dieser Vortrag über „Die Zusammenarbeit zwischen ASEAN und der EU“ wurde am 7. Dezember von Prof. Dr. Horst Posdorf, MdEP, am International Relations Institute of Cambodia (IRIC), dem renommierten außenpolitischen Think Tank der Königlichen Akademie, gehalten. Dieses Institut ist seit seiner Gründung ein Partner der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. Der Redetext ist als Download auf Englisch erhältlich.

„Media Laws – The Media and the Law: A Difficult Relationship“

Internationale Konferenz der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Siem Reap, Kambodscha

Das Rechtsstaats- und das Medienprogramm des KAS-Regionalbüros Singapur haben gemeinsam mit dem KAS-Landesbüro Kambodscha vom 16.-17. November 2007 in Siem Reap eine internationale Konferenz über das Thema „Media Laws – The Media and the Law: A Difficult Relationship“ abgehalten. Es nahmen Journalisten, Juristen und Medienexperten aus Kambodscha, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesien, Malaysia, Indien, den Philippinen und Deutschland teil. Im Mittelpunkt der Veranstaltung stand die oft schwierige Beziehung zwischen Medien und Medienrecht.

Zusammenarbeit kambodschanischer Journalisten gestärkt

Kambodschanischer Journalistenverband will gemeinsame Interessenvertretung schaffen

Die Zusammenarbeit kambodschanischer Journalisten konnte durch ein Seminar über die Vorteile von Journalistenverbänden, Journalistengewerkschaften und Presseräten entscheidend gestärkt werden. Als Gastrednerin rief die Geschäftsführerin des Bayerischen Journalisten-Verbandes, Frau Frauke Ancker, die teilnehmenden Journalisten dazu auf, eine gemeinsame Interessenvertretung zu schaffen, um so ihre Rolle in der Gesellschaft zu stärken.

Regional oder global?

Internationale Konferenz über „Globalisierung und regionale Integration“ in Kambodscha

Der regionalen Integration komme gegenüber der globalen Zusammenarbeit in Zukunft größere Bedeutung zu, weil die Verhandlungsprozesse auf globaler Ebene sehr viel schwieriger und weniger erfolgversprechend seien. Zu diesem Ergebnis kam eine Podiumsdiskussion in Phnom Penh, die Teil einer Konferenz der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung über „Globalisierung und regionale Integration“ war.

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