Land Rating Handbook

Information contained in this document de-mystifies the process by which local authorities collect the tax on property known as "Rates". Following an attempt by the Nairobi City Council to significantly increase its revenue in 2002, it became clear the average plot owner in Nairobi has little information on the process by which property is rated and taxed.The book gives valuable information on how rating is done and affected.

Civic Education for Schools and Colleges

A Source Book II

In order to empower Kenyans to influence policy processes and decision-making regimes, they have to possess considerable knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in governance, public administration and other civic areas of life. The focus of this book is formal education curriculum content, rationale for Civic Education, delivery methods and the policy framework, for Civic Education.

Kenya Citizens' Handbook 2002

This handbook is a guide for all those living in Kenya. Its objective is to create a comprehensive reference manual for conscious and responsible citizenship "from the cradle to the grave". It aims to increase citizens' awareness of their responsibilities and rights under the laws in place that govern the country.

Thought and Practise in African Philosophy

Occasional Papers East Africa 5

Selected Papers from the sixth annual conference of the International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS)