High Court Urteil zu „BBI“ - Wendepunkt in der kenianischen Politik?

Länderbericht Kenia

Knapp ein Jahr vor den nächsten Präsidentschafts- und Parlamentswahlen in Kenia bringen sich die wichtigsten politischen Akteure des Landes in Stellung. Schon seit Monaten belauern sich die konkurrierenden politischen Lager, verschiedene Allianzen wurden bereits geschmiedet - nur um in den meisten Fällen kurze Zeit später wieder verworfen zu werden. Als zentrale Weichenstellung galt lange das erwartete Referendum zur vorgeschlagenen Verfassungsänderung der sogenannten “Building Bridges Initiative“ (BBI), dessen Durchführung jedoch vom Verfassungsgericht unterbunden wurde. Mit der wegweisenden Entscheidung bestätigt das Gericht einmal mehr seine weitgehende Unabhängigkeit.

Women in Leadership Training Manual

Women in Politics

KAS consolidated a training manual that would be used to conduct a long-term tailored engagement on selected aspiring women politicians on effective campaign strategies leading up to elections. The training manual thus seeks to strengthen the capacities of women politicians on various strategic skills on campaigning for elective positions.

Community Score Card (CSC)

The status of County roads and Early Childhood Development Education in 3 selected wards within the Counties of Siaya, Kisumu and Vihiga

In order to promote meaningful engagement and to help realize participatory governance at the local level, KAS extended the concept of the Community Score Card (CSC) to Kisumu, Siaya and Vihiga Counties where local civil society organizations were engaged in series of trainings that looked into public accountability.

Political Parties after Political Parties. The changing nature & reality of political power in Kenya

Party Politics

The nature and the number of parties in any nation determines the entire operations of parliament and the Government. How parties regulate themselves internally and conduct themselves vis - a - vis other parties, is in fact at the very heart of what we call “Democracy”.

It is about their story

How China, Turkey and Russia influence the media in Africa

KAS Media Africa has asked experts on Chinese, Turkish and Russian media policies to outline the strategies that the state and media institutions are applying when dealing with media houses and media practitioners in Africa. As media experts in South Africa, the DRC or Nigeria are witnessing a growing pressure on their ways of investigating and positioning media in their countries as the Fourth Estate, this publication tries to give an overview, a handbook for orientation.

Assessment of Intergrated Development Plans for Samburu and Turkana Counties

Border Conflict

The need for this research work was borne out of the recognition of inter-communal and inter-clan conflicts as major concerns among the pastoral communities within the northern counties of Kenya. Specific focus was on the possible roles played by local politics and politicians as facilitators of intercommunal and inter-clan conflicts among the Baringo, Turkana, Samburu and West Pokot counties’ residents, especially those living at the cross-borders. The research further explored the existence and contribution of political economy and multi-dimensional predisposing factors to inter-community conflicts.

Guide for the Media to Champion for Increased Public Understanding & Participation in Food Security

Radio Programm for Food Security

This radio program guidebook has been designed to help radio journalists, reporters and hosts to set up and run Sustainable Food Security sessions in radio stations that have presence in West Pokot, Baringo and Samburu counties, and other rural counties of Kenya.

Women Access to LandRights for Food SecurityA case of Baringo and Samburu Counties

Women, Land and Food Security

The main objective of this study was to establish how land access by women affects food security in the various livelihood zones in Samburu and Baringo counties. The study, conducted by two independent consultants, was both qualitative and quantitative in nature where views were collected from political players, no-state actors and local community members from the two counties. Findings and discussions, including analysis was done for each county. The main thematic areas done analysis were: land ownership; local politics and women access to land; livelihoods options for women; challenges for accessing land rights by women and county plans regarding land rights and access.

Rural Democracy – empirische Untersuchung der lokalen Effekte von Demokratieförderung

Dokumentation und Evaluation des Demokratisierungsprozesses in Marafa Ward seit 2017 bis heute auf Basis qualitativer Daten

In dem vorliegenden Bericht wird der basisinitiierte Prozess der Demokratisierung in Marafa Ward nachgezeichnet, welches sich in der ländlichen Region von Kilifi County, Kenia befindet.

A Guide for Radio Journalists on Devolution

Devolution and Media

Understanding the concept of devolution and its key functions and public participation still remains a challenge in majority of our counties. Media which includes local radio stations have been mentioned as one of the stakeholders that can enhance public participation at the counties. This radio discussion Tool kit seeks to educate the radio journalists in four counties where the KAS devolution program is implemented in Kenya on how best they can inform/educate their audience about matters devolution and how to participate in it.