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KAS Virtual Launch of Business Heroes in Kenya

Social Ecological Market Economy

In reference to the aspect of Social Market Economy, KAS Kenya ventured to follow the journey of one Kenyan Business Hero Dr. Maxwel Okoth, founder/CEO Ruai Family Hospital, RFH Healthcare Ltd, who shares his experiences in setting up his business despite the various challenges encountered. The film will thus further enhance experience sharing and discussions on how best to integrate the SEME aspect in the country.


Mentorship Training based on the evaluation

On the 2nd-4th of April, 2019, KAS, Kenya held a mentorship training in Mombasa, with 17 young politicians. It was a follow up on previous mentorship programs, where mentors and mentees have been taken through the process of understanding their rights, the importance of political participation, as well as getting engaged in political actions on the ground. Overall, more than 850 mentees have benefitted from the program so far, countrywide. The program further trains and strengthens the mentees in organizing and conducting their own mentorship programs as a trickle-down effect.


Use of early-warning systems:Gathering information, technical instruments, engaging government.

The CSOs trained earlier particularly the ToTs and other facilitators will be assisted by KAS to put the knowledge learnt into action by engaging in community level trainings, this time round, in light of the ongoing government budgetary process.


KAS Kenya Retreat with select political parties.

The forum will create opportunities for pre-selected political parties that are potentially partners of KAS Kenya to share their political parties beliefs vis-à-vis KAS Kenya’s work,their manifestos,activities and gaps therein.


Development of strategies to integrate data from early-warning-systems into mid-term political planning.

The Workshop seeks to expand the political space on the use of data from EWS in planning within the area of food security in Baringo and West Pokot.


Round-Table: Which framework does Kenya need for virtual markets?

The aim of the round table discussion is to stimulate discussions between entrepreneurs, politicians and IT-experts on the potential design of a framework for virtual markets in the country and this is the first of many discussions to take place.


Training on raw material-extraction in Turkana-Capacity building in project-planning for local CSOs.

The aim of the training is that civil society organisations (CSOs) and the youth would become active stakeholders in the definition of the project and its effects on their livelihoods.


Early-warning systems and resilience against drought: challenges and solutions.

This activity will provide an interesting dimension towards promoting sustainable solutions to food insecurity by pitching the idea of accountable governance at the community level by community groups.


Strengthening the role of county representatives in the implementation of the National Anti-Drought Strategy (EDE)

Strengthen the concept of contingency plan and drought preparedness for the forthcoming dry spell Jan-March and assess the socio-economic and demographic status and to build context information on early warning through contingency planning process.


Strengthening the role of county representatives in the implementation of the National Anti-Drought Strategy (EDE)

Strengthen the concept of contingency plan and drought preparedness for the forthcoming dry spell Jan-March and assess the socio-economic and demographic status and build context information on the early warning through contingency planning process.

Community forum for the preparation of an action plan for food safety

West Pokot County Community Forums on Disaster Risk Management Policy Draft

KAS together with county government of West Pokot, department of intergovernmental coordination, peace Building and disaster management conducted a three day community forum to create community awareness on the draft Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Policy. The community forums were held between the 23rd and 25th of February 2017 at Chesra, Miskwony, Takaywa, Lomut, Nakwijit and Napitiro Centres.

Issue Status Brief(ISB)

West Pokot County’s Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) strategy and techniques to promoting community participation

West Pokot County is one of the 23 Counties in Kenya prone to drought as the main type of disaster.Disaster loss has increased the exposure of persons and assets to a number of vulnerabilities hence generating new forms of disaster risks. The county is vulnerable to drought especially in the lowlands. Therefore,there is need to focus efforts towards disaster risk reduction integrating these dynamics into a working county policy on disaster management.


Within the Months of April, May and June 2016, KAS with her partners conducted an Early Warning system analysis and a food security mapping and analysis study in West Pokot and Baringo Counties with the aim of identifying policy issues, actors, structures, and policies among others in the field of food security.

Capacity Building of West Pokot and Baringo County administrators on integrated-food-security-programming

Understanding strategies for disaster management, drought and famine early warning and food and nutrition security for improved crisis prevention and county planning.

Workshop für Frauen in Führungspositionen zum Thema Landrechte in West Pokot

Soziale und politische Bedeutungen von Landrechten umfassend analysiert - KAS knüpft an Training aus dem Jahr 2015 an

Von 29. bis 31. Mai 2016 organisierte die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Zusammenarbeit mit SIKOM - The Peace Network for Development - einen Workshop in Kapenguria in West Pokot County. Zu den 32 Teilnehmern gehörten Vertreter der Zivilgesellschaft sowie Frauengruppen und Institutionen, die sich mit Landrecht beschäftigen. Die Veranstaltung war als Folgetraining zu letztjährigen KAS-Trainings im Bereich der Landrechte konzipiert und bot den Teilnehmern die Gelegenheit für einen erweiterten/vertieften Austausch – diesmal mit spezifischen Fokus auf die Rolle von Frauen im Hinblick auf Landrechte.

Diskussionsforum: Wählerbestechung und Stimmenkauf in Bomet County

Politische Bildung der Parteijugend durch überparteilichen Dialog zu wahlrelevanten Themen

Am 4. Juni 2016 veranstaltete die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) gemeinsam mit dem „Centre for Multiparty Democracy“ (CMD) ein parteienübergreifendes Diskussionsforum im Brevan Hotel in Bomet. Ziel der Veranstaltung war es, insbesondere den Parteiennachwuchs dazu zu befähigen, sich effektiver in politische Entscheidungsprozesse einbringen zu können und Führungskompetenzen zu stärken.

Landrechte als Konfliktfaktor – Workshop in Baringo

KAS trainiert staatliche und nicht-staatliche Akteure zum Thema Prävention & Umgang mit Konflikten im Bereich Landrechte

Am 27. und 28. Mai 2016 veranstaltete die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung gemeinsam mit dem „Centre for Enhancing Democracy and Good Governance (CEDGG)“ und der “Kenya Land Alliance“ einen zweitägigen Workshop in Kabernet in Baringo County. Die Teilnehmer tauschten sich unter anderem darüber aus, inwiefern Landrechte in Baringo County mittlerweile beachtet und angewandt werden. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt des Trainings bestand aus einer intensiven Schulung der Teilnehmer zu Landrechten, aktueller Gesetzeslage sowie der Vermeidung und Lösung von Konflikten in Bezug auf Landangelegenheiten.

Anliegen der Jugend in Kenia: Überparteilicher Strategieplan in Kiambu County

Nachwuchskräfte politischer Parteien treten den Herausforderungen ihrer Generation entgegen

Am 19. Mai 2016 veranstaltete die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Zusammenarbeit mit dem „National Democratic Institute“ (NDI) und deren „Inter-Party Youth Forum“ (IPYF) einen Workshop zum Thema Beteiligung der Jugend an politischen Entscheidungsprozessen. Insgesamt 21 Jugendliche und Führungspersönlichkeiten verschiedener Parteien kamen für die Veranstaltung in Ruiru zusammen. Ziel des Workshops war es, Jugendliche zu befähigen und zu motivieren, sich verstärkt in politische Entscheidungsprozesse einzubringen und Verantwortung zu übernehmen, sowie Führungsfähigkeiten auszubauen.

Launch des “Ending Drought Emergencies (EDE)”–Programms in West Pokot County

KAS unterstützt Launch Event mit mehr als 140 Teilnehmern aus dem Bereich des Managements von Dürrekatastrophen

Am 25. April 2016 lancierte die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung gemeinsam mit der “National Drought Management Authority (NDMA)” und der County Regierung von West Pokot das auf sechs Säulen basierende Programm „Ending Drought Emergencies (EDE)“. Der offizielle Start der Initiative wurde von einem Launch Event im Yang’at Centre in Makutano begleitet und wurde von über 140 Teilnehmern besucht.

Launch of “Ending Drought Emergencies (EDE)” Common Programme Framework in West Pokot County

KAS supports launch event to strengthen awareness on EDE and brings more than 140 stakeholders within the field of droug

On 25th April 2016 the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in conjunction with the “National Drought Management Authority (NDMA)” and the County Government of West Pokot launched the Common Programme Framework on “Ending Drought Emergencis” (EDE) pillars in West Pokot County.