The Corruption Virus

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The Corruption Virus
The Corruption Virus

The Corruption Virus Online Interactive Workshop by I Have Learned Academy In Collaboration with KAS.

Since early March, most of the political and public attention have turned towards preventing and dealing with the worldwide pandemic. That was before the 4th of August Beirut devastating explosion!

Beyond the first three letters that are in common, corruption and “corona” have similar characteristics – both can kill -, and most importantly, both can be mitigated. How? Through preventive measures.

During the webinar, we will go through the practical steps that can prevent corruption in the management of Covid-19 crisis, Beirut aid and reconstruction efforts, and beyond!


We will discuss:
- Corruption and Covid19: any common features?
- Corruption in the Aid & REconstruction of Beirut.
- Corruption in the reform plan of the Lebanese State.
- Our role in the fight against corruption.


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This session is part of the Free Online Series Program done by I Have Learned Academy in collaboration with KAS: "Innovation & Think Tank Sessions for a better Lebanon".

Booking ahead is a must, places are limited.



This session will be online from the comfort of your home.

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Dania Ismaiel


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