Entrepreneurship Journalism Conference

The urgency of finding sustainable, profitable, media business models has increased significantly since the onset of Covid-19 with effects including scaling down newsroom

As media owners, journalists and academics from Bamako to Johannesburg and Nairobi have pondered, one of the key questions is how media in Africa can survive the double threat of changing media consumption habits and declining advertising income?


These and other important questions and points will be discussed at the Entrepreneurial Journalism Conference which will be attended by 25 publishers, editors and other senior industry players from 11 countries in Africa. This event, with focus on Francophone Africa, is a follow-up to a successful conference on entrepreneurial journalism - also hosted by KAS Media Africa - in Accra, Ghana in 2018.

Participants at the conference in Grand-Bassam will also look at financial and political challenges of running media outlets in difficult environments, different funding models, women empowerment in newsrooms and media innovation hubs.

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