8th Asian-European Editors' Forum

Globalization: Up- and Downsides for Asia

The Asian-European Editors' Forum is an established platform for discussions amongst leading Asian and European journalists.


In the past years, the Forum has at each event drawn around 40 Editors-in-Chief and Editors of major newspapers from approx. 25 nations (from Asia and Europe) . 2007, the Forum will be held for the 8th time and take place in New Delhi, capital of India and one of the new powerhouses in Asia.

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New Delhi, India


  • Prof. Dr. Binod KHADRIA
    • Mr. Michael RÜHLE
      • Dr. YEO Lay Hwee
        • Prof. Dr. Marcel MACHILL
          • Dr. Sebastian PAUST
            • Mr. Cyril PEREIRA

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