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European Green Deal

Stepping up to the challenges of green recovery: Indonesia and the EU

Linda Yanti Sulistiawati - Ass. Prof. of Law, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia Senior Research Fellow, Asia Pacific Centre of Environmental Law (APCEL), Nat. Univ. of Singapore.

Check out the paper in our series of publications on the external dimension of the European Green Deal, jointly launched by KAS-MDPD, DIE and FIIA.

🔊 Climate change and COVID-19 are both urgent, dangerous, and unprecedented challenges for the world. Both need to be faced with urgency and calculated solutions, high ambitions for climate protection or swift containment of the virus.


📍 In this difficult scenario, Indonesia needs to realise that it can benefit from the strong support from its developing partners. This is where the EU with its green deal facilitation and support can play an important role.


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This is a publication of the MDPD KAS in Brussels. The views expressed in this paper represent solely the author’s own analysis and not his employer’s nor the publishers. Doc: MDPD Paper - CC BY-SA 4.0 - Pic: Canva Stock Pro


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