Palestine Digital Activism Forum 2021

Palestinian Digital Rights During and After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you ready for the 5th edition of the Palestine Digital Activism Forum (PDAF). Then listen closely! The 5th PDAF will be held online from March 29th to April 1st, 2021. Register by the 28th of March!


Register for 7amleh's Digital Activism Forum 2021
Register for 7amleh's Digital Activism Forum 2021

The theme of this year’s PDAF is “Palestinian Digital Rights During and After the Coronavirus Pandemic.” The PDAF will be focused on how responses to the coronavirus have impacted Palestinian digital rights and how these changes may impact life after the pandemic.

While historically a hybrid offline and online event, in 2021 the PDAF will be held exclusively online using a unique digital conferencing platform to create a space for local and international activists, human rights defenders, technologists, academics, media professionals, members of civil society, government and technology companies to share experiences, best practices, knowledge and skills related to digital rights.

The PDAF 2021 will host a number of activists, experts, media professionals, academics, and human and digital rights defenders from around the world for panel discussions, webinars, workshops and inspirational talks to make the PDAF a rich, engaging and educational event!

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PDAF 2021 highlights transformations in digital realm during coronavirus pandemic: 7amleh concludes 5th Palestine Digital Activism Forum with international, regional and local participation
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