City Marketing: Global Trends & New Approaches for Global Positioning

Globalization Lecture Series

Dr. Norberto Muñiz Martinez of Universidad De Leon (Spain), an expert on City Marketing will talk about how cities gain international reputation according to their special attributes.


Through this initiative, the APC with its City Competitiveness Program (CCP) hopes to cultivate awareness and educate stakeholders on how cities play a key part in modern socio-economic relations, within the framework of the world order termed globalization, by analyzing economic development that complements management of technology and information with intelligent awareness and creativity.


Cities need to determine an identity and image they wish to be known for, position themselves strategically and communicate the said identity and brand image for them to compete globally, said Dr. Norberto Muñiz Martinez, Professor of Universidad de Leon, Spain.

Dr. Martinez, an expert in city marketing, lectured to local executives, academe and civil society on invitation of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Policy Center and the Konrad-Adenuaer-Sitftung August 15 at the AIM.

He sited many examples of cities with international reputation according to attributes like economic center e.g. New York with world financial centers; universities e.g. Oxford, Cambridge; hosts of international institutions e.g. Brussels (European Union), Washington (International Monetary Fund); cities where international treaties where signed e.g. Kyoto (Protocol on Climate Change); religious significance e.g. Mecca (Islam), Jerusalem (Judaism, Christianity, Islamism), Rome (Catholicism); and so on.

He emphasized how emblematic monuments and landmarks can turn into urban icons and symbols of a city, how modern infrastructures can influence the profile of a city, and how organizing and hosting events can provide international reputation.

Mayor James "Bong " Gordon, Jr. of Olongapo City, Mayor Jose Leandro Catarata of Valencia City, Bukidnon and Mayor Nestor Alvarez of the Science City of Muñoz shared their reactions to the new ideas. They look forward to maximizing the spark of the presentation. While Mayor Florencio Bentrez of Municipal Mayor, Tuba Benguet, Vice-Mayor Alvin Mojica of Trece Marites City, Cavite and many more representatives of 10 other cities listened to presentation.

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