The Limits of Populism during COVID-19

The Political Ramifications of COVID-19


The Limits of Populism during COVID-19
The Limits of Populism during COVID-19

We're looking forward to our #KASPHWebinar, "The Limits of Populism during COVID-19"—the 4th and very last webinar under the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Philippines Office series, "The Political Ramifications of COVID-19".

This free and public webinar will be on Friday, November 6, from 2:00PM to 4:15PM Manila time. To join us, please register using this link:

Mr. Richard Heydarian of will present, "Perils of Performative Governance: Are Populist Leaders in Asia Mismanaging the COVID-19 Crisis?"; Dr. Andrés Mejia Acosta of King's College London will talk about "Latin American Leadership and COVID-19: What Went Wrong?"; and Dr. Brett Meyer of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change will give a pre-recorded presentation, "From the US to Europe and Around the World: How Populist Leaders and Challengers Have Responded to COVID-19".

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