Monograph on Enlightened Islam

by Luthfi Assyaukanie

The author seeks to defend the ideas and concepts espoused by liberal Muslim thinkers in a scholarly manner as an attempt to establich the legitimacy of this school of thought.

Islam and Buddhism on the Respect for Life

Brochure in Malay, Thai and English

This brochure discusses the idea of respect for life in Islam and Buddhism as can be drawn from relgious texts and traditions of both religions.

Myanmar - Prospect for Change

This book is divided into four parts. The first part focuses on Myanmar’s internal affairs while the other three explores Myanmar’s relations with China, ASEAN, and other major powers. We have various scholars with different views about Sino-Myanmar relations, with the different viewpoints and debates within this book offering a better understanding of Myanmar.

Religion and Human Development

An Asian Perspective

This book is a collection of articles by eminent scholars of religion and philosophy from Asia. They are experts of Shinto, Taoism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam who have thought about the topic from within their traditions both from religious and philosophical perspectives.

Panorama 2/2008

Published as a part of the Regional Programme of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Southeast Asia Office, Panorama is a journal on Southeast Asian and European Affairs. The articles published in this edition stem from the 10th East Asia-Europe Think Tank Dialogue which took place in the Philippines in October 2008.

Social Market Economy Principles and Implementation

Economic Policy from A to Z

The aim of this volume – which is a reprint by the Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia/Singapore - is to clarify the concept of Social Market Economy in terms of economic and social policy and its political implementation. On the one hand, it is an attempt to retrace the origins and basic principles of the Social Market Economy. On the other, it presents the different forms of Social Market Economy, the need for adaptation in the light of recent challenges, the objections to Social Market Economy and its prospects as a future economic and social system.

ASEAN at 40

Realizing the People's Expectations

The issues addressed in this book reflect the concerns, challenges, and opportunities facing the peoples of ASEAN and their governments. It is a result of the presentations and discussions brought forward during the Fifth ASEAN People's Assembly in Manila from 24-25 October 2007.

Panorama 1/2008

Journal on Southeast Asian and European Affairs

Published as a part of the Regional Programme of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Southeast Asia Office, Panorama is a journal on Southeast Asian and European Affairs. This issue deals with creating equal opportunities and ensuring equal treatment for women in times of economic progress and political liberalisation. The contributions spring from the 'Forum on Gender Issues' which was held in Xi'an, China in october 2007.

We must respect Russia, engage China

Daily Yomiuri Interview with Prof. Bernhard Vogel

A conversation between Akira Komoto, managing editor auf The Daily Yomiuri and Prof. Bernhard Vogel, Chairman of KAS and veteran German politician on prospects of G8, the oncoming Olympic Games in China and possible future developments in Russia. The Daily Yomiuri is Japan's largest English-language newspaper.

Kabinettsumbildung in Japan?

Japans Premierminister FUKUDA Yasuo war nach nur vier Monaten unter Druck geraten und plant eine Kabinettsumbildung. Trotz außenpolitischer Erfolge war die Popularität des Kabinetts im November und Dezember 2007 drastisch gesunken, wie Umfragen der großen Tageszeitungen verdeutlichten.