Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP): 2nd & 3rd Module

Election Campaigning for Political Parties

For this year, KASYP batch 10 and 11 will have a joint training-workshop on election campaigning for political parties and this will be delivered virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic this coming August 2-7 and 17-19, 2020.


KASYP 10.3 & 11.2
KASYP 10.3 & 11.2

Based on the results of the KASYP impact evaluation study, there are some few changes to the KASYP programme design. One of these changes is the arrangement of modular topics. Traditionally, the topic on election campaigning is delivered as the 3rd module, and now, it will be considered the 2nd module for the succeeding batches. Another improvement in the KASYP programme is the introduction of the Bridging Democratic Leadership session which will be enjoyed starting with KASYP batch 11.

The module on election campaigning for political parties aims to provide participants with the understanding and skills of electoral campaigning and its many tools as well as the importance of providing organized electoral choices to citizens through political parties, and orientation on democratic leadership (second session on co-ownership).

Core topics for this module will cover electoral campaigning for political parties and electoral systems in Asia, and campaigning strategies for political parties. Meanwhile, elective topics may include social media, freedom of speech, disinformation, statistics for politicians, big data, electoral engineering, etc. For the skills domain, there will be an election campaigning simulation and campaign planning training. The affective domain will continue with the second session of the BDL. For this session, the participants will tackle the topic of co-ownership.

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KASYP Batch 10.3 & 11.2 Online Training-Worskshop: Election Campaigning for Political Parties
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