Impacts of Trade Conflicts on Energy Security in Asia Pacific

Expert Workshop

How are trade disputes between countries affecting the energy landscape in Asia Pacific? KAS RECAP will hold a workshop to examine the impacts of the current trade conflicts on the energy development in the region. Experts from China, Japan, Korea and Singapore will be attending.


The world is facing a change of the geopolitical landscape. One driving force behind this is the trade conflict between China and the USA affecting global trade patterns. The “tit for tat” game on tariffs between both superpowers is overshadowing other trade conflicts like the one between Japan and South Korea and recent achievements on multilateral free trade agreements e.g. between Japan and the EU or the EU and MERCOSUR. Amongst other markets, it is seen that the trade conflicts have impacts on energy security and energy transition in Asia-Pacific. Therefore, the workshop aims to discuss with experts with different backgrounds recent developments of trade conflicts and energy markets. The workshop is a closed event and only by personal invitation.
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Hong Kong SAR
Hong Kong



  • Dr. Christian Hübner
    • Director KAS RECAP
  • David Gregosz
    • Coordinator International Economic Policy KAS
    • Germany

Dr. Christian Hübner


Leiter des Regionalprogramms Energiesicherheit und Klimawandel Asien und Pazifik +852 28822245