Youth Energy Academy

Capacity Building for Local Communities in South and Southeast Asia

KAS RECAP, the Sustainable Youth Energy Network and the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and Pacific at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand will organize a Youth Energy Academy in October 2021. It aims to raise awareness, engage and train young people in Asia to develop sustainable energy projects.


In the one-week training, a series of online seminars and offline workshops will be conducted by climate change and energy experts and scholars from Europe and the region. Participants explore and discuss a wide range of energy-related issues such as access to energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy security, electricity market development, investment and etc.

In addition to the theoretical parts, professional trainers will share their practical experience in engaging local communities in clean energy initiatives. Participants learn how various types of solar systems technically function. They will be guided to design and build solar power applications including box ovens, parabolic ovens, dryers, sound systems, charging stations, power banks and water pumps with recycle materials. The final products will be used in local farms and university campus.

Open for applications before 31 July 2021:

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Dr. Christian Hübner


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