Übersetzung von Entscheidungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichts


Translation of selected decisions of the German Federal Constitutional Court

State-building needs institution-building – improving the rule of law concept implies institutionalizing an independent judiciary. An effective guarantee of the constitutional order can only be achieved by effective review procedures that uphold fundamental principles of government, constitutional rights and liberties etc.
You can access the translated decisions of the German Federal Constitutional Court as PDF or ePUB.

During the last decades, the interest in the jurisprudence of the German Federal Constitutional Court has increased considerably among academics and political actors from all over the world. Taking note of this increasing demand, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung took the initiative for this project aiming at making some key decisions of the German Federal Constitutional Court accessible to judges, lawyers and scholars who do not speak German.

The collection focuses on decisions pertaining to fundamental rights, which constitute an essential field of Constitutional Court jurisprudence, and delineate the sphere of an individual to society and state. Decisions on the following topics can be found (non-exhaustive enumeration):

Human Dignity; Free Development of Personality; Non-Discrimination; Freedom of Faith; Freedom of Expression; Right to vote; Freedom of Assembly; Protection of Property; Inviolability of the House.