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Iran and the American Presidential Elections

von Mohammad Yaghi, Dr. Hesham Alghannam
The outbreak of the coronavirus might have relegated the US-Iran confrontation from the top news stories but the next months before the US presidential elections remain significant for Iran’s plan to influence American voters against the re-election of president Trump.
Indeed, on 30th of March 2020, an Iraqi group under the name of “Usbit al-Tha’ereen” (the revolutionary league) declared the cancellation of a big attack against American troops stationed at the Ain al-Assad military base, claiming that it did not want to harm Iraqis who lived close to the target.  The following article argues that Iran will try to make Iraq its battlefield against American troops in order to push Trump’s policies against Iran to the centre of the US presidential election debate. The eviction of American troops from the Middle East has become central to Iran’s strategy and to that of its allies; this policy report (downloadable at the right) begins by explaining the origin of this policy, and the strategy behind it. The significance of Iraq in this approach is emphasised, including an illustration of how Iran is levelling the field in Iraq in order to implement its plan. The article concludes by emphasising the importance for Iran, and for the success of its strategies, to have both a united Shia front, and a legitimate government that works closely with it.

Dr. Mohammad Yaghi

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