A godforsaken place?

The role of religion in Central Europe

As part of "New Minds - Old Challenges: Exploring Central European Identity in the 21st Century"


 The concept of Central Europe is based on a common historical, social and cultural identity. Pixabay
A godforsaken place?

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Half a century of Communism has changed the face of Central Europe. This includes the understanding of religion and our Christian heritage. Eastern Germany and the Czech Republic have become the two oft he most irreligious places on Earth. On the other hand, in countries like Poland the situation is different. Here, religiosity became a prime motivator for the peaceful resistance against totalitarianism. How did this difference come about? And which role does religion still play in Central Europe today?


  • 5.30 p.m. Keynote
    • Prof. Dr. Wojciech Szczerba
  • 6.00 p.m. Group discussion
  • 7.00 p.m. ​​​​​​​End
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  • Prof. Dr. Wojciech Szczerba
    • Evangelical School of Theology, Wrocław

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