National Church Leaders Consultation

Promoting Ethical Leadership – Elections 2024

Strengthening participatory democracy, transparency, accountability and good governance.

Free Market Foundation on Privatisation

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung South Africa (KAS), together with our partner organization Free Market Foundation South Africa (FMF), held an expert exchange on the 8th of November with the theme of Infrastructure Privatization aimed at businesspeople, academics, and representatives of civil society.

Workshop für Politiker zu Koalitionsführungen

Vom 7. bis 8. November fand in Kapstadt eine zweitägige Meisterklasse zum Thema Koalitionsregierung statt, die von der CiviNovus-Gruppe ausgerichtet und von der KAS SA unterstützt wurde. Diese Veranstaltung war eine Folgeveranstaltung und eine Gelegenheit, die demokratische Zukunft unseres Landes mit Südafrikas angesehenen Politikern, Akademikern und Vordenkern zu diskutieren.

ESG principles and Disclosures in United Kingdom and South Africa (The Third Report)

Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law (IJEBL)

Authors: Ruth Taplin (Professor and Director, Centre for Japanese and East Asian Studies, London UK; Editor, Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law) and Neels Kilian (Associate Professor, Law Faculty, University of the North West, South Africa)

Event report: KAS South Africa Alumni Dinner 2023

Author: Luisa Kerner

On 29 September 2023, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) hosted its traditional Alumni Dinner in Cape Town. The event brought together about 30 current and former scholars and KAS partners. Such events provide opportunities and a platform for alumni and partners to network, collaborate and exchange ideas on political as well as socio-economic issues.

The EFF's Balancing Act: Domestic Appeal & African Ambitions

Authors: Kira Alberts & Fikile Monareng

The EFF has quickly become a prominent (and controversial) South African political party. But are they sidelining their transnational ambitions as they prepare for the 2024 elections?

Mapping Possibilities

Author: Dr Heather Thuynsma, University of Pretoria

Assessing policy positions across nine opposition parties in South Africa in August 2023.

FVZS Institute 2023

11. jährliche Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert (FVZS) Ehrenvorlesung

Auditor General Südafrikas, Frau Tsakani Maluleke

"Gute Regierungsführung ist das Fundament, auf dem eine erfolgreiche Nation aufgebaut ist. Sie ist nicht nur ein Modewort".

Where angels would have feared to tread: Reformists, Revisionists and the 2023 BRICS Summit

Author: Professor van der Westhuizen, Stellenbosch University

What is BRICS for? Is it a bulwark against US-China polarization or a mechanism to counter a "Western hegemonic bloc"? Professor van der Westhuizen unpacks how this questions was navigated at the 15th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg in August 2023.


Die Autoren: Kira Alberts & Sonia Twongyeirwe

Seit den ersten demokratischen Wahlen im Jahr 1994 hatte Südafrika noch nie mit einer Koalitionsregierung auf nationaler Ebene zu kämpfen. Bis jetzt.