Life after the Caliphate: Human Security Challenges in Syria and Iraq

The authors Benedetta Berti and Elizabeth Tsurkov analyze human security challenges in ISIS ‘liberated areas’ in both Syria and Iraq.

In their study, Benedetta Berti and Elizabeth Tsurkov urge that societies living in these areas still face major social, economic, security and especially political challenges. The authors argue that the reconstruction and stabilization process must focus both on repairing the damage done by ISIS and on addressing the political context that led to the rise of the group in the first place. Sustainable regional stability can therefore only be achieved by an approach that focuses on transitional justice while also being region-sensitive, taking into account the different challenges the communities are facing. As the issue of governance is centrally linked to that of reconstruction and early recovery, long-term institution-building and anti-corruption measures are also key to preserve the re-established civilian infrastructure.

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