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Security Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean

von Aaron Stein, Leah Pedro

Conference Report

On May 2–3, 2022, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Syria/Iraq Office and the Foreign Policy Research Institute convened a panel of foreign policy experts for a dialogue on security challenges present in the Eastern Mediterranean. The workshop covered topics such as the impacts of migration, intervention of regional and great-power actors as well as the intersection of maritime disputes and climate change.

The first day of the conference on "Security Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean" addressed state fragility in the region and how this phenomenon intersects with systemic security issues, including climate change, maritime issues, and migration. The second day of dialogue addressed military issues, including Russian naval modernization, US-Russian regional retrenchment, and how each country views the other’s long-term regional ambitions. Additionally, the conversations in the second day covered European regional security views and how
the broader US-Russia rivalry impacts thinking on the continent amidst the current crisis landscape.

In each panel, two guest speakers shared their subject matter expertise on the focus topic and a dialogue followed brief presentations. The entirety of the event was conducted under Chatham House Rule, wherein the participants could share views and opinions freely. As a result, findings from these conversations can be more transparent than traditional formal dialogues in traditional diplomatic channels. In this report, we share the consensus highlights and points of contention which came from the discussions.


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