International Youth Conference

Titled "Young People's Responsibility for Democracy and Sustainable Development" KAS sets the kick off for a multi-day workshop in cooperation with BAVICHA, the youth organization of Tanzania's opposition party CHADEMA.


The event will focus on the mapping and analysis of current challenges as well as the elaboration of strategies to tackle them. Inspired by presentations from law, media and political experts an impulse for a vibrant debate among the participants should be pushed forward contributing to enhanced awareness building for the key role of young people in shaping the political future. The workshop is therefore intended to motivate young political actors to take responsibility for further action making their peers sensitive for the importance of politics in everyday life.

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Coral Beach Hotel, Dar es Salaam


Verantwortung der Jugend für Demokratie und nachhaltige Entwicklung: Internationale Jugendkonferenz
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Stefan Reith

Stefan Reith (2020)

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