Thailand’s Economic Policy with Dynamics of Globalisation

The Institute of Democratisation Studies (IDS), with support from KAS, have completed the research entitled “Thailand’s Economic Policy with Dynamics of Globalisation” and compiled all articles in printed publication for further dissemination to the interested public as realising the significance of public policy-making, especially in the current situation that social and economic movement in national and international levels has rapidly changed. The economic policy-makers should look ahead more than usual.

The publication consists of nine chapters with seven studies which are

  1. Dynamism of globalisation and implication on the Thai economy;
  2. The policy for demographic transformation in Thailand;
  3. Strategies to enhancing competitiveness: innovations and digital economy;
  4. Strategies to enhancing competitiveness: trading nation and creative economy;
  5. Structural adjustment for economic competitiveness;
  6. Labour policy: the new challenging in ASEAN context; and
  7. Policy for financial inclusiveness: empowering the grass root

The publication is available only in Thai language. Interested people are welcome to download the publication’s digital file linked here on this page. Should you like to request the hard copy of this book, please send an email to office.thailand@kas.de.


Napajaree Jiwanantaprawat

Napajaree Jiwanantaprawat


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