Wider Black Sea Region is potential for regional cooperation

On 04th December 2017 the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation organized a conference in cooperation with the center for Eurasian Studies (AVIM) on the title of “Security, Stability and Cooperation in the wider Black Sea region”


Diplomatic corps, academicians, analysists and NGOs took part at this important event. Within three sessions during one day conference; high-level representatives of foreign policy and security policy, who are from Russia, Turkey, Albania, Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Serbia could argue and discuss within an international exchange diverse security policy issues especially energy politics, hard security issues, regional cooperation and integrational opportunities and challenges in the wider Black Sea Region.

Deputies of different embassies and consulates from several countries also joined the conference as guest. The participants agreed that regional problems can be solved by regional cooperation and dialog. Experts have emphasized also that Turkey and Russia plays key role in regional topics.

As final remark of the conference, it has been stressed that, despite challenges, problems and our differences, we can come together and we can look the future with optimism.

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Sven-Joachim Irmer

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Türkei Vertreter Sven-Joachim Irmer und Teilnehmer aus verschiedenen Ländern
Vertreter der Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik
Vertreter der Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik, die aus Russland, der Türkei, Albanien, Rumänien, Moldawien, Aserbaidschan, Ukraine, Georgien, Armenien und Serbien

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