Stronger Together? Why and How the Pandemic Should Help Us Re-Imagine Subsidiarity & Solidarity

Eröffnung der Kampala Geopolitics Konferenz

The third edition of the Kampala Geopolitics Conference will take place virtually. You can participate - tune in online or follow the discussions on NBS.

Studien- und Informationsprogramm

Faces of Care

Celebrating Frontline Workers in the Fight Against COVID-19

With the world on lockdown, the medical workers and support staff at medical facilities have become one of the most important service providers during the Covid19 pandemic. Our campaign will feature frontline workers, covering nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, immigration control officers, and hospital cleaners across key facilities in the country.


Writing an Emancipatory Practise?

Literature, Emancipation and Democracy in Uganda

The activity aims to bring together the fellows, scholars, alumni and friends of the KAS youth programmes in Uganda and South Sudan. This event will additionally provide platforms for likeminded KAS fellows and scholars that operate on a broader common ground, i.e. their substantial contribution to politics and civil society in the country.


The Threat of Fake News During a Pandemic

A Citizen Webinar

A webinar on fake news and misinformation


Coping with Anxiety and Mental Health During a Pandemic

A Citizen Webinar

Webinar on coping with anxiety and mental health.


The Science behind COVID-19

A Citizen Webinar

Uganda has been applauded for its effort to control, trace and contain the Corona Virus to minimal numbers. This webinar will cover Uganda’s scientific response to the epidemic with the focus being on the country’s efforts prior to case zero, primary prevention protocols, key dates in the virus’ growth curve, spread projection models, justifications for quarantine/lockdown, case finding and tracing and what happens next. The Webinar will also help provide clarifications on several myths around the Virus.


Project Launch (SPACE)

“Strengthening Performance and Accountability through Community Engagement”

The launch of our new EU funded project titled ‘Strengthening Performance and Accountability through Community Engage-ment – (SPACE)” with the government of Uganda under the Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU) supported by the European Union and the Government of Uganda.


"In Defense of Liberal Democracy" - KAS Scholars and Alumni Network Nr. 2

KAS Scholars and Alumni Network Nr. 2 with the topic "In Defense of Liberal Democracy". Our Country Director Mathias Kamp will be the main speaker. At this evening you will have the chance to interact with him once again before he will leave the country in just a bit.


The Political Economy of the Number of States in South Sudan

Disussion about the role of the system represented by ten states in the development of South Sudan

A one-day workshop and public dialogue organized by the Centre for Peace and Advocacy (CPA) under the auspices the Network of South Sudanese Civil Society Organizations (NoSSCOU) in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) to equip the general populace about the peace and development within ten states in South Sudan


Capacity Building Training for Youth Council Leaders and Female Youth Councilors

This training is aimed at sharing leadership skills, addressing female stereotype issues and providing sustainable, long-term solutions. The meeting shall bring together youth council members and female youth councilors from Ankole Sub region.

Training of Service User Committees in Northern Uganda

Capacity building of local services committees in the North - EU SPACE Project

Capacity building of Service User Committees is critical to solving community challenges, empowering citizens to assess and monitor local service delivery. The training therefore aimed at enhancing the capacity of Service User Committees in northern Uganda, on their oversight roles and responsibilities within Local Government accountability and service-delivery.

EU Project in Moroto

Performance and efficiency of the public sector is a prominent part of the National Development Plan III (NDPIII) towards agenda 2040. In our dialogues, we discussed public resource management approaches implemented by the districts in terms of public money, store property, assets, loans and government investments in the various districts.

Accountability gaps in the North increase pressure to act

Community Engagements in Northern Uganda have ignited discussions with the district leaderships in Northern Uganda. As shortcomings are being discussed, particularly issues of gender-responsiveness surface in the discussions and are met by promises for action.

Looking back on three successful citizen webinars:

During COVID-19, joining hands with governmental efforts is paramount

After the conclusion of three successful webinars, KAS looks back on a series of events that have contributed to raising greater awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launch of the KAS EU Project: SPACE

Strengthening Performance and Accountability through Community Engagement

Welcomed all participants to our launch of SPACE-an EU funded project in partnership with the government of Uganda through the Development initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU)

“Ihr müsst euch als junge Führungskräfte vermarkten“ – Prof. Yasin Olum

Vom 4. bis 6. März 2020 haben wir zusammen mit dem ‚National Youth Council‘ (NYC) ein Training mit jungen Nachwuchsführungskräften in der Ankole Sub-Region Mbarara organisiert.

"Wir sollten uns mehr Sorgen um die Luftverschmutzung in Kampala machen" - Deo Okure

Diskussionsrunde über den aktuellen Stand und die Folgen der Luftverschmutzung in Kampala

Zusammen mit ACTADE (The African Center for Trade and Development) veranstaltete die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Uganda eine Diskussionsrunde über die Luftverschmutzung in Kampala. Diese Veranstaltung ist die erste der neugegründeten Plattform für grünes Wachstum in Uganda (Platform for Ugandan Green Growth (PLUG) initiative).

Pola-Lab im Südsudan

Zum Eröffnungsworkshops in Juba am 13. und 14. Februar 2020 kamen insgesamt 30 junge Nachwuchsführungskräfte zusammen. Die Teilnehmer*innen zeichneten sich durch ihre freiwilligen Engagements und professionelle Arbeit mit Führungspotentiale aus und sind daran interessiert, ihre Führungsqualitäten und politischen Kompetenzen zu erweitern.

Förderung des politischen Pluralismus und einer stärkeren Zusammenarbeit zwischen Führungskräften

Gemeinsam mit dem Directorate of National Guidance (DNG) organisierte die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung für die gewählten und ernannten Führungskräfte aus Lira einen zweitägigen Workshop, welcher am 12. und 13. Februar 2020 in Lira stattfand. Um politischen Pluralismus und die engeren Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Führungskräften auf lokaler Regierungsebene zu fördern, kamen 35 Teilnehmer*innen aus den Bezirken Otuke, Alebtong und Lira zusammen.

“Your networks are your net-worth” - Barbara Kasekende

Barbara Kasekende ermutigt unsere YELP Absolvent*innen, ihre persönlichen Netzwerke auszubauen

Wandel kommt durch Ideen und Ideen verlangen Menschen, die sich mit ihnen auseinandersetzen und sie reflektieren. Im Hinblick darauf bringen die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung und das LéO Africa Institute junge aufstrebende Köpfe der Nachwuchsgeneration seit 2017 zusammen. Das Projekt Young Emerging Leaders Project (YELP) bringt „Umdenker“ aus den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen zusammen. Sie sollen mehr über einen Führungsstil zum Wohle der Bevölkerung erfahren und darüber diskutieren inwieweit dieser eine Schlüsselkompetenz für die Bewältigung kommender Herausforderungen im Bereich der Entwicklung von Führungskräften im 21. Jahrhunderts sein kann. Vom 7. bis 9. Februar 2020 kamen 21 Teilnehmer*innen für ihr Abschluss Seminar und die damit verbundene Abschlussfeier zusammen.