Global Conference on Parliamentary Studies

International conference

A hybrid international conference both onsite in Budapest and online, organized by the National University of Public Service with the support of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.


Even if democracy is not, at least the number of legislatures – together with their members and budgets – is constantly growing worldwide. Devolution, federalization, secession, regionalization, integration and internationalization – all these lead to new parliamentary institutions at various levels of government. As a result, there is more and more for scholars of various disciplines to discover, analyse and evaluate.

This expanding universe of parliaments is what brought both the International Journal of Parliamentary Studies and the Global Conference on Parliamentary Studies to life. Both aim to tear down the clearly existing walls between political science and law, scholarship and practice, national and international approaches. The speakers of this years initial conference are truly global: they represent 15 countries from 4 continents.

The issues of the contributions show a wide range of the most recent results of parliamentary research. It is planned that each year scholars of parliamentary studies, an emerging interdisciplinary field of scholarship, come together to share ideas, viewpoints and findings on parliamentary and legislative issues. We hope that this scholarly initiative will contribute to enhancing a global network of scholars, the emerging of parliamentary research, and fostering democracy.

The conference takes place both onsite (National University of Public Servide, Ludovika tér 2., 1083 Budapest) and online in MS Teams.

For further information and registration please visit the website of the conference HERE. 


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