Sustainable Social and Economic Development on the Local Level

This three day study visit from 03-06 July 2018 is a KAS-RSI cooperation project and offers content for adressing the concrete challenges of rural regions related to sustainable and efficient use of resources, economic development and employment.


The event includes guided on-site visits to local sustainable development projects and introductiong to complex local economy development (Hajdúnánás), self-sustaining villages (Rozsály, Túristvándi) and social development based on heritage and local community (Panyola). Models of local initiative and project development are presented and social aspects of sustainabilty explored in a meeting with decision makers. The last day includes a visit to the Ecological Institue Foundation in Miskolc.

For more information on departures and the programme, please consult the document linked in the sidebar.

At the event, photo, audio and video recordings will be made and may be published. By participating at the event, you give your permission for recordings to be published.

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Hotel Medián Hajdunánás
Hunyadi út 13.,
4080 Hajdúnánás
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Sustainable Social and Economic Development on the Local Level: Study visit in Eastern Hungary
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