Young Leaders series XXVI. - 1. Basics of a Democracy - Seminar

Organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Robert Schuman Institute, the objective of the “Young Leaders” series of courses is to develop the potential of politically active youth in emerging democracies, and help to attract and ensure strong long-term commitment of young generation to Christian democratic and centre-right parties in Eastern, South Eastern Europe and Lebanon. This is to be achieved by a blend of education on specific theoretical concepts and policy areas as well as practical skills trainings essential for public careers. Participants are further encouraged and assisted in their engagement with the international community of alumni and speakers of RSI.


During the first seminar participants will be introduced to the conceptual tools for approaching problems in the field of democracy building, strengthening rule of law, value-based politics, Christian Democratic values and their application in concrete policy making. Sessions will also focus on the conduct and ethics of politicians, especially with regard to fighting corruption, sustainability of political decisions and effective relations with media. In covering special topics the group will have a chance to learn of the best practices and trends from the EU while reflecting on the different local needs and contexts in various countries of the Eastern / South Eastern European region.
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