Centropa Regional Seminar

Seminar for classroom teachers from the Visegrád countries

With the partnership of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Visegrad Fund, Centropa Hungary held a seminar between 18-20 of October for 45 classroom teachers coming from Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The seminar was held in the Jewish Historical Archives at Erzsébetváros.

Centropa offers teachers inter-related educational tools: multimedia films and traveling exhibitions based on oral history interviews, video competitions and other student project ideas, an internet site that contains all of the above, and a platform for teachers where they can share ideas and best practices.

We help educators by offering seminars that provide them with historical knowledge, expose them to our online resources and give them the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers.

To follow up the seminar, Centropa engages the participants in an ongoing conversation where we ask feedback from the teachers on how they were able to use the educational materials or ideas they learned about during the seminar. Centropa also provides educational projects - such as a video making competition and traveling exhibitions - to help the work of the teachers, and create inspiring and motivating opportunities for them to involve their students in active learning.