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International Conference



International Workshop

ASEAN and The Rules Based Regional Order in the Making


Ocean Dialogue "Sustainable Maritime Development: Sharing Vietnam and EU's Perspectives"

The Ocean Dialogue "Sustainable Maritime Development: Sharing Vietnam and EU's Perspective" will be co-hosted by KAS Vietnam, Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam and Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam on 18th and 19th August 2020 at Melia Hotel, Hanoi. Government Officers, Diplomats and Experts of Vietnam and EU will be gathering both via virtual and on-site meeting to discuss on cooperation in maritime areas, especially cooperation on maritime specific-issues such as ocean governance, sustainable blue economy, marine scientific research or maritime spatial planning.


Land acquisition for socio-economic projects to be discussed

The Commission of People’s Petition, under the National Assembly Committee, and KAS Vietnam will organize two conferences on settling complaints of land acquisition in Can Tho and Da Nang cities late July. High on the agenda will be the roles and responsibilities of elected bodies and Members of Parliament in approving land acquisition and supervising the settlement of complaint and denunciation of people.


Independent Assessment of Vietnam's Macro Economic Performance in Quarter II 2020

The report is made by VEPR under KAS Vietnam's support

At the seminar, Dr. Pham The Anh will present the VEPR's economic report which will be followed by comments of Dr. Nguyen Tri Hieu, Dr. Nguyen Khac Quoc Bao and Dr. Can Van Luc. The discussion session will be moderated by Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh, former VEPR's President


Provincial Open Budget Index 2019 to be launched

The Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research will launch its Provincial Open Budget Index 2019 on July 8th in Hanoi. The survey was carried out in 63 cities and provinces to find out which city/province is the most transparent in public finance management. The event is for policy makers, researchers and the media.


UNSC Simulation Games

KAS in collaboration with Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and CRISP had organized an UNSC Simulation Games for students. The simulation deals with the debate around the prolongation of the mandate for the UN Peacekeeping mission MINUSMA in Mali. Since its inception in 2013 the mandate has been prolonged on a yearly base with the current mandate ending on 30.06.2020. The participants took over the role of diplomatic representatives of the current UNSC member states and negotiated the conditions for a possible prolongation of the mission.


VEPR to launch Quarterly Economic Report I 2020

The Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VERP) and KAS will jointly launch the 1st Quarterly Economic Report on Monday, April 13 2020. During two hours, VEPR chief economist Dr. Pham The Anh will present the report while the invited experts will analyse and comment on the report and answer questions from journalists and audiences. The seminar will be livestreamed on the fanpage of VEPR.


VEPR to launch macroeconomic assessment report

The Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) will launch its Quarterly Report IV/2019 in the morning of January 16, 2020 with KAS Vietnam’s support. Commenting on the VEPR report will be Vietnam’s leading economic experts: Dr. Can Van Luc, Dr. Nguyen Tri Hieu and Dr. Vo Tri Thanh. The independent economic assessment of Vietnam’s macro-economic policies is an exclusive event for the media.


Reviewing 2019 and Planning for 2020

On the occasion of our annual Partners' Meeting, we came together with representatives of our partner organisations in Vietnam. Our programme included the review of activities and collaboration in 2019 as well as the planning of the next year. Further, we used the opportunity to exchange experiences with innovative project formats and to strengthen our network. From KAS' perspective, our work has included a wide spectrum of topics and methodological approaches in 2019. We were able to work with 10 partner organisations and supported 42 projects in this year. For 2020, we intend to intensify our diverse portfolio and operate more flexibly according to current topics. Especially Vietnam's role in the UN Security Council as well as the ASEAN chairmanship in the next year will be discussed from several perspectives. We are very thankful for the fruitful cooperation in 2019 and are looking forward to the upcoming projects.

Die Verhandlungen der Konferenz “30 Jahre Doi Moi: Erfolge, Lektionen und Aussichten"

In 2016 KAS and University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) jointly organized the conference “30 Years of Doi Moi: Success, Lessons and Prospects”. The publication of the proceedings of the conference is an offer to the esteemed reader to follow us in discovering the opportunities and challenges of Vietnam’s future reform course.

KAS-Stipendien 2015 in Vietnam durch

Sieben Bewerber setzten sich gegenüber 23 anderen bei der Vergabe der KAS-Stipendien 2015 in Vietnam durch. Nach drei Prüfungstagen wurden die Gewinner am 22 Oktober bekannt gegeben. Die Stipendiaten werden sich in Deutschkursen auf die Aufnahme ihrer Master- bzw. Promotionsstudien im nächsten Jahr in Deutschland vorbereiten.

KAS continues to support Vietnam's journalism development

KAS Country Representative Rabea Brauer made a congratulatory speech at the 25th anniversary of the USSH's Faculty of Journalism and Communication this morning (Oct.22). Speaking at the ceremony, which gathered hundreds of students and representatives of major media institutions, Ms. Brauer emphasized the important role of free journalism in any country.

Stellvertretender Premierminister begrüßt deutschen Politiker

Der stellvertretende Premierminister und Minister für auswärtige Angelegenheiten Pham Binh Minh empfing Volker Kauder, den Vorsitzenden der CDU/CSU Bundestagsfraktion am 24. August in Hanoi

Deutsch-Vietnamesischer Mediendialog 2014

Traditionelle und neue Medien: Erfahrungen aus Deutschland und Vietnam

Der diesjährige Deutsch-Vietnamesische Mediendialog wurde von der KAS in Vietnam im Auftrag vom Auswärtigen Amt organisiert und durchgeführt. Das viertägige Programm beinhaltete den Besuch von Medienagenturen, den Erfahrungsaustausch mit vietnamesischen Journalisten und ein öffentliches Seminar an der Medienfakultät der Nationalen Universität Hanoi.

Journalisten und Medienexperten aus Vietnam zu Besuch in Berlin

Auf Einladung der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung hält sich in dieser Woche eine Gruppe von Journalisten und Medienexperten in Berlin auf. Der Besuch ist ein wichtiger Baustein in der weiteren Entwicklung unserer Medienarbeit in Vietnam. Durch Gespräche in der KAS, im Bereich der Regierung sowie des Bundestages und der Wissenschaft wird die wichtige Netzwerkbildung gefördert.

20 Jahre KAS in Vietnam

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Vogel hält Festrede

Während eines zweitägigen Besuchs in Hanoi sind Prof. Dr. Bernhard Vogel, Ministerpräsident a.D. und Ehrenvorsitzender der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, und Dr. Gerhard Wahlers, stellvertretender Generalsekretär, mit hochrangigen politischen Gesprächspartnern zusammen gekommen.

EuropeAid veröffentlicht Factsheet: Civil Society-Promoting people's participation and governance in Vietnamese cities

Dezentralisierung in Vietnam

EuropeAid hat ein Informationsblatt zu dem von der KAS und dem ACVN durchgeführten Projekt "Promoting people's participation and governance in Vietnamese cities through the Association of Cities of Vietnam (ACVN)" veröffentlicht.

Veranstaltungsreihe des KAS Auslandsbüros Vietnam zu Ehren des KAS Jubiläums 50 Jahre EIZ

Am 01. Juni 2012 veranstaltete das KAS Auslandsbüro in Vietnam eine internationale Konferenz zu dem Thema "EU-ASEAN: Challenges of Regional Integration". Die Veranstaltung fand vor dem Hintergrund des KAS Jubiläums "50 Jahre Zusammenarbeit weltweit" statt.

Gewaltenteilung in Vietnam? Die Novellierung der vietnamesischen Verfassung

Internationale Konferenz des KAS Auslandsbüros Vietnam

Vom 28. bis zum 29. Februar veranstaltete das KAS Auslandsbüro Vietnam in Kooperation mit der Nationalversammlung eine internationale Konferenz zum Thema "Organization of State Powers: International Experiences".

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