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Conference "Impact assessment of policies in development of legal normative documents 2024"

Co-organized by KAS Vietnam and Department of General Affairs in Legislative Development, Ministry of Justice


Vietnam 2045 Report: Global Economic Trends and Policy Implications for Vietnam

Conference co-organized by KAS and Vietnam Institute for Development Strategies, Ministry of Planning and Investment

The aim of the conference is to gather key recommendations from both Vietnamese and international experts about the new global challenges and opportunities for Vietnam and appropriate strategies to response.


Innovating and Improving the Efficiency of Law Implementation Organization in the Period 2025-2030

Workshop co-organised by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam and Ministry of Justice


The China Talk 23

The future of world order: a view from China

China Talk 23 aims to facilitate a robust exchange of ideas, insights, and perspectives on the theme “The future of world order: a view from China”. This is a continuation of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) China Talk series in collaboration with Konrad – Andenauer – Stiftung (KAS) in Vietnam, which has been bridging the fields of Chinese studies since 2015.



Toward Fast and Sustainable Growth of a People-Centered ASEAN Community

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam eagerly anticipates the inaugural ASEAN Future Forum 2024, scheduled to occur on April 23, 2024, in Ha Noi, Vietnam. The genesis of this Forum was unveiled by Prime Minister, H.E. Pham Minh Chinh, during the 43rd ASEAN Summit in September 2023. The Forum, under the theme “Toward fast and sustainable growth of a people-centered ASEAN Community” will discuss deliberations on the future of ASEAN in both practical and visionary ways in the context of fast, complex developments in the strategic landscapes of the region and the world. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam is proud to lend its support to this groundbreaking initiative, which will draw the participation of esteemed government officials, policymakers, experts, practitioners, and pertinent stakeholders from ASEAN Member States. Additionally, the Forum will welcome ASEAN's external partners and allies, underscoring its inclusive and comprehensive approach. The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV), in strategic collaboration with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam, assumes a pivotal role as the primary executor of this ASEAN Future Forum.


Roadmap to shorten the process and duration for annual state budget settlement

Workshop co-organized by KAS Vietnam and National Assembly's Finance and Budget Committee

The Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly is in charge of assessing the Government’s draft report on shortening state budget settlement process. The workshop aims to collect opinions/comments of policy-makers, national experts, and representatives of relevant agencies on the issue of State budget settlement. The workshop input will help the committee to better make a verification report on the budget settlement process to present at the NA sessions.


Revise the Law on Managing and Using State Capital to Invest in Production & Business at Enterprises

Workshop co-organized by KAS Vietnam and National Assembly's Finance and Budget Committee

The workshop aims to collect opinions/comments of policy-makers, domestic and foreign experts, and representatives of relevant agencies on the amendment of the Law on management and use of state capital invested in production and business activities at enterprises. The workshop will provide the National Assembly’s Finance and Budget Committee with theoretical, scientific and practical basis to assess the revised Law on management and use of State capital invested in enterprises, which is submitted by the Government.




Ocean Dialogue is one of the flagship cooperation programs between Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Vietnam and Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV). Each Ocean Dialogue goes into a carefully set out topic. Since 2017, eleven dialogues have been organized with a wide range of topics such as Ocean Governance in the South China Sea, fisheries cooperation, plastic waste management, environment sustainability etc…and received many positive responses from international and national scholars, researchers in relevant fields. The series of Ocean Dialogue intends to raise the importance of the maritime/sea/ocean by building up the knowledge and looking at it from different angles. Maritime issues are of great importance to the countries around the South China Sea, which affect their economic, political, environmental and security context. Not only regionally is this topic of relevance, it is of equal importance to the global community.


Workshop - The EU Approach to Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific: from Strategy to Practice

Phase 3: The EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy in a New Context


Assessment of Top 500 Vietnamese Private Enterprises (VPE500- Report 2023)

Dissemination Workshop of Research Project


Equality in Accessing Resources for Vietnamese Enterprises: Lessons Learned from International Experiences

Internationaler Workshop

Das Institut für Staat und Recht (ISL) der Vietnamesischen Akademie für Sozialwissenschaften und die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung organisierten einen Workshop zur Gleichberechtigung im Ressourcenzugang für Unternehmen. Vietnamesische, polnische und koreanische Experten gaben Einblicke in regionale und internationale Erfahrungen. Aus diesen zogen sie anschließend Implikationen für vietnamesische Firmen in Bezug auf den Zugang zu technologischen und finanziellen Ressourcen. Sie sprachen außerdem Handlungsempfehlungen aus, um die Zugangsmöglichkeiten zu verbessern und Unternehmen in Vietnam bessere Wachstums- und Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten zu gewähren.

Classification of Power between Local Government Levels in Vietnam


Das zum vietnamesischen Innenministerium gehörende Institut für Wissenschaft der Staatsorganisation (ISOS) und KAS veranstalteten ein Symposium zu theoretischen und praktischen Fragestellungen bei der Festlegung und Klassifizierung von Autorität zwischen lokalen Regierungsebenen in Vietnam.

ASEAN 2020 - Simulating the future of regional integration


Einige ausgewählte Studierende bekamen die Möglichkeit, im von der Diplomatischen Akademie Vietnam (DAV) und KAS organisierten Simulationsspiel teilzunehmen. Indem sie in die Rollen von Delegierten der ASEAN-Mitgliedsstaaten schlüpften, konnten die Studierenden hierdurch ihre Verhandlungskompetenzen trainieren sowie Einblicke in die Herausforderungen erlangen, vor denen Diplomaten häufig stehen. Die diskutierten Themen bezogen sich auf hypothetische Szenarien zu Arbeitsmigration, maritimer Sicherheit und Flüchtlingsbewegungen.

Combating plastic pollution in the South China Sea

4. Ocean Dialogue

Die drastischen Auswirkungen von Müll auf maritime Ökosysteme waren das Hauptthema des 4. Ocean Dialogues mit dem Thema "Combating plastic pollution in the South China Sea". Die wichtigsten Ergebnisse dieser Veranstaltung, die im Januar 2019 von der Diplomatischen Akademie Vietnam (DAV) und der australischen Botschaft in Vietnam zusammen mit der KAS organisiert wurde, fasst das folgende Video zusammen.

Cooperation and integration in the Baltic region and Southeast Asia: A comparative perspective

International conference

Die Konferenz, welche gemeinschaftlich von der Universität für Sozial- und Geisteswissenschaften Hanoi (USSH) und der KAS organisiert wurde, thematisierte traditionelle und nicht-traditionelle Sicherheitsfragen, Herausforderungen und Chancen für Kooperation im Ostseeraum im Vergleich zu Südostasien. Während nicht-traditionelle Bereiche in der öffentlichen Sicherheit an Bedeutung gewinnen, nehmen traditionelle Themen doch noch immer eine wichtige Position ein. Die teilnehmenden Experten waren in der Lage zu zeigen, wie Erfahrungen aus dem Ostseeraum der Region Südoastasien - und insbesondere ASEAN - auf dem Weg zu mehr Zusammenarbeit und Integration helfen können.

Quarterly Report (III) - Independent Assessment of Vietnam's Macroeconomic Policies

According to the announced data, Vietnamese economy witnessed an abnormal surge in economic growth in Q3, with the growth rate at 7.46% (yoy), the highest in the past seven years and much higher than Q2/2017 (6.17%) and the same period of previous years (2015: 6.87%, 2016: 6.56%). The economic growth rate in the first nine months of the year reached 6.41% (yoy), significantly surpassing the same period of 2016 yet a bit lower than 2015 (6.5%).

German Federal Elections 2017

Federal elections were held in Germany on Sunday 24.09.2017 to elect the members of Bundestag. Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung Head Quarter has made a short analysis on the result of the elections.

Quarterly Report (I) - Independent Assessment Of Vietnam's Macroeconomic Policies

Regarding Vietnamese economy, Q1 surprised with a growth level of 5.1%, the lowest level for the past three years. The recovery of agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture sectors (2.0%), together with the stable growth in the service sector (6.5%) were not enough to compensate for the abnormally low growth level of the industry sector. Notably, manufacturing and processing sector grew at only 8.3%, lower than Q1/2016. The VEPI of 5.8% also reflects a slowdown in the economic growth of Viet Nam in Q1.

Die Verhandlungen der Konferenz “30 Jahre Doi Moi: Erfolge, Lektionen und Aussichten"

In 2016 KAS and University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) jointly organized the conference “30 Years of Doi Moi: Success, Lessons and Prospects”. The publication of the proceedings of the conference is an offer to the esteemed reader to follow us in discovering the opportunities and challenges of Vietnam’s future reform course.

KAS-Stipendien 2015 in Vietnam durch

Sieben Bewerber setzten sich gegenüber 23 anderen bei der Vergabe der KAS-Stipendien 2015 in Vietnam durch. Nach drei Prüfungstagen wurden die Gewinner am 22 Oktober bekannt gegeben. Die Stipendiaten werden sich in Deutschkursen auf die Aufnahme ihrer Master- bzw. Promotionsstudien im nächsten Jahr in Deutschland vorbereiten.