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Foreign Policy Analysis

Course Building Workshop

Foreign Policy Analysis have been developed and established in IR literature and teaching around the world since 1990s, yet this are not the case in Vietnam. The dissemination of Foreign Policy Analysis will complete the course “Vietnam Foreign Policy”, which have been adopted into and became the core teaching of IR syllabus among Vietnamese universities since its very first days.


Covid-19 and International Relations

International Workshop


One Year Implementation of EVFTA: Impacts on the Vietnamese Economy and Policy Formation

Launching workshop


The short supply chain of agricultural products in Moc Chau district, Son La province

Dissemination of Research’s findings


Quarterly Report (III - 2021) - Independent Assessment of Vietnam's Macroeconomic Performance

Launching workshop

The main objective of the event is to provide up-to-date information, statistics and comprehensive analysis as well as policy recommendations for Vietnam to improve the quality of decision-making process in terms of macroeconomic policies.


10th Anniversary of Vietnam - Germany Strategic Partnership

Virtual Conference

The Strategic Partnership between Vietnam and Germany established in October 2011 marked a new breakthrough in the bilateral relationship. Over the last decade, both countries have overcome many challenges to realize the Strategic Partnership with remarkable achievements in many areas. Political cooperation has been intensively developed through various bilateral and multilateral mechanisms. In terms of economy, Germany has been Vietnam’s largest trade partner among EU countries and contributed significantly to Vietnam’s economic development. About 300 Germany companies have invested in Vietnam with more than US$ 2 billion. Visible progress has been made in other realms, particularly education, security and defence. Vietnam - Germany relations have increasingly important meaning not only to each other, but also to interregional and global peace and prosperity.


Impacts of COVID-19 on the Global Supply Chains and Policy Implication for Vietnam


The COVID-19 pandemic, with the new waves of infection in the year 2021, is a top concern for supply chain leaders in all industries around the world. The spread of the virus has been affecting the global supply chains due to the interdependence of supply, production and distribution on a worldwide scale. Most organizations and businesses in the world in general, and in Vietnam in particular, have been experiencing significant supply chain disruptions. This is having an increasingly large impact on the operation of the entire economy and its ability to recover from the pandemic. The impact of the pandemic on supply chain disruptions is becoming more widespread and severe, requiring scholars and researchers to understand the limitations and weaknesses of the current global supply chains, thereby proposing adjustments and innovations to ensure the coherence, flexibility and adaptability of the supply chains in different contexts.


Chinese Investment in Southeast Asia: Patterns and Geopolitical Significance

18th China Talk

Southeast Asia’s growing economic linkages with China generate political opportunities and strategic concerns in equal measure. Recent discussions have tended to focus on infrastructure projects, especially those associated with the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). However, to gauge their significance and impacts, such projects must be understood against the broader context of Chinese investments in Southeast Asia.


Emerging Issues and Challenges to ASEAN Centrality

Virtual conference

ASEAN centrality, the essential factor shaping regional security architecture in favor of its member states, is under challenge posed by emerging turbulences. The Covid-19 pandemic, as well as many arising security issues, have so far brought about disruptions to everyday activities in the region. ASEAN’s role in shaping regional architecture is under pressure as major-power competition is becoming more intense both on land and in the sea.


European National Innovation Systems: Trends, Policies and Challenges - Lesson Learned for Vietnam

International Conference co-organised by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Institute of European Studies

In the context of a rapidly developing knowledge economy, National Innovation Systems (NIS) can play a crucial role in the economic growth of countries. European countries have paid special attention to promoting scientific and technological innovation, enhancing the combination of scientific and technological innovation with economic growth. At the same time, they proposed strategies and policies to promote the development of NIS. Vietnam’s NIS is in the process of being finalized, so there are still many limitations such as: the policies to promote technology development in Vietnam have not been given high priority, and they have not yet been integrated into the country’s industrial, investment and trade policies. Vietnam's industrial policy pays little attention to developing domestic technological capabilities as an indispensable factor in the industrialization process. The process of commercializing innovative products is not really effective, reducing the motivation for NIS development. Thus, in the framework of research cooperation, the Institute for European Studies together with KAS organizes the conference entitled "European National Innovation Systems: Trends, policies, and challenges - Lessons learned for Vietnam”


China Talk 23

The future of world order: a view from China

The future of world order: a view from China is the topic for the latest 23rd instalment of the China Talk series which has long been one of the signatured-joint events between Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam and Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

Roadmap to shorten the process and duration for annual state budget settlement

The National Assembly (NA)’s Finance and Budget Committee, with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam support, organized a workshop on the roadmap for shortening the process and duration of the State final accounts approval. The goal of shortening the process from 18 months to 12 months is to improve the effectiveness of management and use of State budget and increase the responsibility and accountability of the State-budget spending units, said Madam Nguyen Thi Phu Ha, the committee’s Vice-chairwoman and workshop moderator.

Überarbeitung des Staatsbeteiligungsgesetzes

Die KAS Vietnam hat den Finanz- und Haushaltsausschuss der Nationalversammlung bei der Organisation eines Workshops zur Reform des Staatsbeteiligungsgesetzes (Gesetz Nr. 69, 2015) unterstützt.


Enduring Maritime Connectivity in a Fragmenting World

How to ensure maritime connectivity in a fragmenting world? How to ensure that it will endure? The 12th Ocean Dialogue co-organized by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam and Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam on 15 March tried to provide answers in a multidisciplinary approach at the nexus of foreign policy, international law, maritime science and technology.

Das 3. Internationale Mekong-Forum in Ho Chi Minh Stadt

Am 24. November fand in Ho Chi Minh Stadt in der Nähe des mächtigen Mekong Flusses das 3. Internationale Mekong-Forum unter dem Motto "Förderung von Synergien durch Kooperationsmechanismen für ein nachhaltiges Wachstum in der Mekong-Subregion" statt. Die Veranstaltung diente als Plattform für einen gemeinsamen Austausch zwischen den Ländern der Mekong-Subregion und Investoren in der Region.

Expertenworkshop zum vietnamesischen Verbrauchssteuergesetz

Die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam und der Finanz- und Haushaltsausschuss der vietnamesischen Nationalversammlung haben am 17. November 2023 in Ninh Binh gemeinsam eine Veranstaltung mit über hundert Teilnehmenden zum vietnamesischen Verbrauchssteuergesetz durchgeführt. Die Veranstaltung wurde von nationalen und internationalen Experten begleitet, unter anderem von Experten der WHO und der Weltbank.

Workshop zur regionalen und subregionalen Zusammenarbeit in Ost- und Südostasien

Als Auftaktveranstaltung für eine Reihe von Workshops/Seminaren zur regionalen und subregionalen Zusammenarbeit konzipiert, nahmen 120 Teilnehmer am 28. November 2023 in Hanoi teil. Der Hybrid-Workshop wurde von der USSH Hanoi und der KAS Vietnam organisiert und befasste sich mit der regionalen und subregionalen Zusammenarbeit in Ost- und Südostasien im Hinblick auf eine nachhaltige und innovative Zukunft.


Ein internationales Sinologie-Symposium

Am 10. November 2023 veranstaltete die Diplomatische Akademie Vietnams (DAV) in Zusammenarbeit mit der Vietnamesischen Akademie für Sozialwissenschaften (VASS), der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam und der Stiftung für Ostseestudien (FESS) erfolgreich das zweite internationale Sinologie-Symposium zum Thema "Die Rolle Chinas in der globalen Ordnungspolitik“.

Die 15. South China Sea International Conference

Die regional sehr bekannte South China Sea International Conference feierte dieses Jahr ihr 15-jähriges Jubiläum und fand unter dem Motto „Luminate the Grey, Light up the Green“ statt. Sie wurde von der Diplomatischen Akademie Vietnams (DAV) mit Unterstützung und in Partnerschaft der KAS Vietnam organisiert.

Eine Serie von Workshops über die deutsche Außenpolitik in einer sich wandelnden Welt

Das Ziel des Workshops war es Wissen und Verständnis für die Leitprinzipien und Herausforderungen der deutsche Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik bei Studierenden, Berufsanfängern sowie erfahrenen Lehrenden und Forschenden zu schaffen. Knapp 70 Teilnehmende besuchten die Workshops und nahmen an dem anschließenden Austausch teil.