Policy Brief on Trade and Environmental

Trade and Climate Change: Issues for the G20 Agenda

Third policy brief of the series “Trade and Environmental Policy” of the EKLA Program of Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation and the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law

This brief considers the intersection of these two critically important G20 agenda items —trade and climate change- and explores whether there are issues at the interface that merit an integrated approach building on the current separate workstreams.

It begins with a brief survey of the multiple ways the two policy spheres intersect, and then delves into a few selected areas at the nexus, as illustrations of the types of issues raised.

The paper concludes with a few observations on the possible ways forward through international cooperation. The point is to provoke thinking about whether there is space for the G20, as a unique global institution of cooperative governance, to help advance the objectives of both trade and climate change by considering them together.

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