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The UN’s Call to Climate Action

When, if not now?

On the 23rd of September 2019, the UN Climate Action Summit was held in New York with the clear statement by UN Secretary General António Guterres that the time for rhetoric is over and action is needed. Speaking slots were only allocated to countries that came up with a clear plan of action on how to tackle climate change.

Reforming Myanmar’s 2008 Constitution: a key element to the country’s democratic transition

The landslide victory of the National League of Democracy (NLD) during the 2015 elections against the the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), the military backed-party in Myanmar, was celebrated across the country but also worldwide, as a symbol of democracy triumphing over decades of military rule. However numerous obstacles remain to be faced by the civilian government in its quest for consolidating democracy. One of these obstacles might well be the 2008 Constitution of Myanmar. One may wonder, how is amending Myanmar’s Constitution, key to the democratic reform process of the country?

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A green wave, surprises, and a key role for the Christian Democrats

The Swiss parliamentary elections of 20 October 2019

Switzerland was hit by a “green wave” more strongly than expected in the parliamentary elections of 20 October: both the Green Party and the Green Liberal Party achieved histori-cally good results. These came at the expense of Switzerland’s four largest traditional par-ties. The Christian Democrats (CVP) came out of the elections relatively unharmed. In the new parliament, the party will be granted a more pivotal role than has previously been the case.

Presidential Elections and Stalled Peace Talks in Afghanistan

Am 28. September waren die Afghanen zum vierten Mal seit 2001 zu Präsidentschaftswahlen aufgerufen. 9,3 Millionen Bürger, darunter über 30 Prozent Frauen, hatten sich zur Wahl registriert. Die befürchtete Anschlagswelle im Land blieb aus. Gleichzeitig deuten erste Hochrechnungen an, dass die Wahlbeteiligung auf einem Rekordtief liegen könnte. Angesichts der Anfang September überraschend abgebrochenen Friedensgesprächen zwischen den USA und Taliban und einem anstehenden harten Wettbewerb zwischen den Präsidentschaftskandidaten stehen Afghanistan ungewisse Zeiten bevor. Welche Chancen bestehen für die Wiederbelebung des Friedensprozesses? Und wie kann eine neugewählte Regierung auch nach einem US-Truppenrückzug die Sicherheit im Land garantieren?

Publication "Transformation of the economy of Kazakhstan" for download

The book on the "Transformation of the Economy of Kazakhstan" is a collection of articles from experts from Kazakhstan and Germany.

Samuel Morazan auf Pixabay

Independence of the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) in danger?

The temporary suspension of a journalist, a five-hour stop and the question of who pulls the strings, where and why

It is the most serious crisis in the Bulgarian media landscape for a long time. For several days, the Bulgarian National Radio rules the headlines. The temporary transfer of a longtime presenter shows the political influence on the work of public service broadcasting in Bulgaria. The protest of colleagues and listeners, however, shows the awareness of being able to defend against it.

KAS Discussion with the Vice President of the German Bundestag, Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich MdB

On the occasion of a large interparliamentary conference with delegations from over 50 countries, Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich, Vice-President of the Bundestag, visited Kazakhstan from 23 to 25 September.

KAS Indien

One Country, One Flag, One Constitution!

Special status of the Jammu and Kashmir revoked

The provisions of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) by giving it autonomy over internal administration of State, State’s own Flag and constitution, was read down through presidential order and thereafter a Bill of Reorganisation to convert J&K from a state of the Indian Union into two separate Union Territories (UTs) also sailed through with more than 2/3rd majority in both the houses (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) of Parliament (Had it been a constitutional amendment, even that would have sailed through!!). The state was divided into two Union Territories- J&K with an elected legislature including the area of POK and the Ladakh division including Aksai Chin but without legislature. This historic decision taken on 5th August 2019 also included deletion of Article 35A.

The Jordanian 2019 Income Tax Law

A new Jordanian income tax law and its previous drafts sparked large protest starting in May 2018. As the new provisions within the law only directly affect around 10% of working Jordanians, they can hardly be understood to be the sole reason for the popular anger. Instead the law came in a context of steep price hikes, high poverty rates and a widespread feeling that government corruption prevents efficient use of taxpayer money. This country report looks at the new income tax law and its provisions; it highlights the challenges to the law and notes that it has brought to the open wider social discontent that is being expressed through an attitude of non-cooperation towards the government.

Interview: Peter Girke über Ho Chi Minh, den "Übervater der Nation"

Von Joachim Heinz (KNA)

Hanoi (KNA) Vor 50 Jahren, am 2. September 1969, starb Ho Chi Minh. Im Interview der Katholischen Nachrichten-Agentur (KNA) ordnet Peter Girke die Bedeutung des Revolutionärs für das heutige Vietnam ein.

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