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Germany. The Next Chapter

Guiding theme of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung 2018 to 2020

In Germany, there is a growing need for debates with respect to the direction and goal of our country’s development. That was also manifested during the last parliamentary elections. On the one hand, we have never had it so good: We enjoy the freedoms of a democratic constitutional state and have a wide range of opportunities. The majority of people are satisfied with their current situation. On the other hand, there is growing uncertainty within our society. Concerns about the future emerge in light of rapid developments in many areas of life.

That is why we need to find citizen-focused political and social answers. These answers need to provide explanations, stability and orientation in order to create a willingness to change where it is needed. The relationship towards global developments is becoming increasingly direct: Germany’s role in the world also needs to be recast.

KAS will participate in the discussion about shaping our future under the three-year long motto “Germany the next chapter”. The question at hand is what core factor holds us together and drives us socially and politically. It addresses the vitality of our democracy as well as the central theme of education, which will have a significant impact on our economic sustainability – against the backdrop of changing digital framework conditions.

What gives us orientation, support and composure so that we can boldly face the future? That is what it should be about.


Dr. Kristin Wesemann


Head of Strategy and Planning +49 30 26996-3803
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