Inheritance brochure

Assistance with all questions relation to the will

Nobody enjoys talking about inheritance during their lifetime. Hence, it is hardly surprising that 82 per cent of all federal citizens die without a will. This is despite the fact that unregulated inheritance relationships often lead to disputes. Added to this is the fact that legal rules on succession along with the tax burdens are often unknown. Unpleasant surprises during asset succession, conflicts in the family or unnecessary tax burdens can be avoided by laying down clear rules beforehand and observing legal and tax requirements.

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung provides preliminary assistance on all issues relating to the will with its brochure “give the gift of a future”. The offer is rounded off with checklists for your personal financial statement as well as numerous useful tips that are easy to understand.

You can request a brochure from:

Dr. Christine Wagner

Tel. 030/26996-3256

Fax: 030/26996-53256



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