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The right to vote

With presidential and parliamentary elections approaching, everyone in Egypt is showing great interest in issues such as the right to vote and the turnout of voters. KAS Egypt organized this workshop which tackled both issues and invited for discussion.

Café Riche-Lectures: "The post-revolutionary Egypt"

After the Revolution of 25 January there is still a great need to talk about the path Egypt has to tread in this sensitive moment of its history. In the historically significant Café Riche, the future of the post-revolutionary Egypt was discussed.

Training for young politicians in Upper Egypt

Lack of experience and background knowledge in the field of politics always hinders youth from being politically active. The training workshop in Assiut (Upper Egypt) aimed at promoting political participation of youth, which is a prerequisite for democracy.

Political rights and social engagement

After the revolution, there is a great need for discussing the political situation in Egypt. Hence, KAS Egypt organized this workshop to handle basic political issues such as possibilities for political participation, political rights and different electoral systems. Aim of the workshop is to raise the political awareness amongst participants.

Female judges in Egypt

In 2008 a law permitting women to work as judges was passed. This apparent leap forward, however, was put on hold only two years later when the law was abrogated. With regard to the recent events in Egypt, the seminar in Upper Egypt analyzed this enactment and invited for discussion.

Egypt after the revolution: a parliamentary or a presidential system

After the revolution, Egyptians can now determine which political system they deem best for their country. The discussion forum discusses advantages and disadvantages of both parliamentary and presidential systems.

Egypt's new Political Parties Law

At the end of March, the Military council issued a new Political Parties law that would allow political parties to be formed by notification alone. A legal committee would have 30 days to respond to this notification or else the party will be automatically approved. During Mubarak’s rule, would-be parties had to apply for approval that rarely came from the state’s Political Parties Committee. The workshop “Political Parties law in Egypt” deals with this new law and discusses its advantages and disadvantages

Training for young politicians

After the revolution and the political changes related to its outbreak, KAS Egypt organized a three-day workshop to familiarize young Egyptian politicians and political interested youth with some political concepts such as the newly forming party system and the post-revolutionary political system in Egypt

Egyptian-German young leaders forum

Egypt is at the crossroads after the revolution. The country's future is unclear and the people can play a vital role in forming it. In the current transformation process, participation of youth is of great importance.

Transition to a free media in Egypt

Under the old regime, it was impossible to have free independent media, yet after the January revolution it seems that the time has come to change that. The third part of the Tahrir-Dialogues dealt with the transition to a free media in Egypt.

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