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Women's Right to Practice Sport (in German)

On the 26th of July, the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 has started in Germany without the participation of an Arabic national team. Still, football gains acceptance also in the Arab World. But while physical activity is almost mandatory for western women, a large number of Egyptian women are deprived of this right which is even perceived as inappropriate. Therefore, KAS and DPWC organized a seminar to analyse options and constraints for women to practice sport.

German-Arabic Academy Successful

The German and Egyptian participants of the 5th German-Arabic Journalists’ Academy under the guise of "Egypt on the move" met in Cairo for 10 days to do research on how far reaching the change in Egypt really is. Their print magazine "Tahrir" makes several challenges a subject of discussion which Egypt has to face now: Which parties will be able to be established? Can the Coptic Christian's security be warranted by the government? And when will the economic slump of the tourism sector be over? The editorial staff members have been looking for answers and have grown very close as a team.

5th KAS journalists academy

For the fifth time, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is hosting its annual "Academy for Journalists", yet this time in Cairo. From 17th until 26th of June, young journalists from Egypt and Germany are exchanging ideas on the postrevolutionary Egypt, its current political and economic challenges as well as sociological changes. Eventually, articles of the participants will be published in a magazine.

Training for young politicians in Upper Egypt

Lack of experience and background knowledge in the field of politics always hinders youth from being politically active. The training workshop aimed at promoting political participation of youth, which is a prerequisite for democracy.

Women trafficking and prostitution in Egypt

During the Revolution in Egypt, lots of unveiled women were seen among the demonstrators, including many in Tahrir Square, who even stood there at night. After the fall of the old regime, more and more women now raise their voices demanding political participation and drawing attention to the discrimination against women in Egypt. KAS Egypt had the pleasure to offer these women this forum where ways to combat women trafficking and prostitution in Egypt were discussed.

Minorities in Egypt

The attack on a Coptic church earlier this year and the violent clashes in Cairo’s worker’s district Imbaba in May put the strained relation between Christians and Muslims on the public stage once more. Therefore the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Egypt, in cooperation with the El-Sadat Association for Social Development and Welfare, organized a seminar bringing together representatives and dignitaries of the Coptic and Islamic communities to analyze the situation of religious minorities in Egypt.

Models of the Relationship between Religion and State: Turkey & Indonesia

After the revolution, some groups are calling for a religious state without having a clear vision about the structure of such a state. The debate forum moderated by Dr. Nadin Sika at AUC discussed the relationship between religion and state based on the Turkish and Indonesian model.

Religion and Constitution

Article 2 of the current Constitution defines Egypt as an Islamic state. Many Christians and secularists, however, call for a reform of this article. The workshop discussed the role and importance of religion in the current constitutional debate and elaborated proposals for reform.

Training for young politicians in Upper Egypt

After the revolution and the political changes related to its outbreak, KAS Egypt organized this workshop series to familiarize young Egyptian politicians and political interested youth with several political principles. Aim of the workshop series is to promote political participation of youth.

From Tahrir to open space

Young Germans and Egyptians involved in politics met together at a workshop run by KAS and Egyptian Youth Federation to discuss current political and social affairs applying the modern discussion techniques open-space.

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