Train your agile skills with the Sustainable Development Goals.

From teamwork and organisation to living more sustainably.

Learn how to co-opearate remotely with a team whose members live in different cities of Europe!


Do you want to participate in an international competition to design solutions for a sustainable future with other students? 


Join us for a 4 week series of Expert webinars, Virtual co creation and learning opportunities, including special guest speakers and team work with students from other schools.


Change the world with your creativity by using the transformative power of technology.

Learn how to work remotely within a team whose members reside in different cities of Europe!


Engage your local and global community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


Collaborate with schools in other cities across Greece and Germany.




Am I eligible to apply: If you are a student of 3rd grade of Gymnasium, or of any grade in Lyceum you are able to apply! 

Do I need parental approval: Yes, upon your registration, we will need you to submit your parents contact information in order to ensure that they know and approve of your participation. 

How do I apply: You will need to fill in the following registration form. As there are limited participant seats, the registration rules are "first come first served". Still, a waiting list will be formed, in the case of fallouts. 


Registration deadline extension: Friday 05.03.2021 morning  


You may find the programm of the Workshop under the trainers introductions. 



First Meeting 06.03.2021 / 11.00 - 13.00 

Opening and Facilitator introductions 

Orientation and student introductions 

SDGs Introductory talk 

Agile workshop 

Team formation and SDG assignment


Second Meeting 13.03.2021 / 11.00 - 13.00 

Welcome and guest speaker        

Recap Week 1  

Project Organisation    

Forward Week Team report       

Student work      


Third Meeting 20.03.2021 / 11.00 - 13.00 

Welcome and guest speaker 

Recap week 2  

Past and Forward week reports 

Student work   


Fourth Meeting 20.03.2021 / 11.00 - 13.00 

Welcome and guest speaker 

Recap week 3 

Past week reports

Student work   

Final presentations live show with parents and special guests 

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