Circle of Friends

The Friends support the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung by membership fees and donations, which are tax- deductible.

Their steady and incessant financial support forms one of the pillars the activities of the KAS are based on both in the social and political sphere



According to Konrad Adenauer, the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, financial means are not the crucial factor in a persons life, but without funds "you cannot participate in the intellectual and cultural values of our time". Therefore, the allowances of the Friends enable the KAS to promote ethical and political values.

It is committed to furthering the career of young gifted people by scholarships and to widen their political horizons by providing opportunities for discourse in workshops or meetings on an international scale.

Adult education is to foster the ideas of freedom and democracy both at home and abroad. These projects require not only moral support, but financial means.


Donor contributions

Minimum donor contributions are:

Individuals € 60.00.

Married couples € 80.00 (together).

Companies/institutions € 500.00.

Students and fellows € 40.00.


So if you can identify with these objectives, we will appreciate your allowances very much. In return we offer a number of privileges to our members. For instance, the Freundesbrief communicates current information on congresses, seminars, workshops, or projects sponsored by the KAS. You can also draw on our varied range of informational resources in the field of domestic and foreign policy.

At major events sponsored by the KAS a meeting point will be provided where you can easily get in touch with fellow members of the Friends.

Moreover, we will especially appreciate your attendance at concerts, readings, exhibitions and other cultural events of the KAS.

So you should not hesitate to join the Friends now or become a donor. Your support will help to maintain the high quality of the KAS and its activities in the long term.


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