Mission Statement of the Konrad Adenauer


What do we stand for?

We aim to serve the common good in Germany. Through our work, we contribute towards securing and increasing peace, freedom and prosperity in Europe and throughout the world.  

We stand for personal responsibility, justice and solidarity. We are firmly committed to liberal, representative democracy, the rule of law, the social market economy and European unification. We are guided by the Christian view of humanity. We feel particularly bound by the political legacy of Konrad Adenauer.


What are our aims?

We provide an impetus for the further development and reinforcement of the Christian Democratic movement. In doing so, we feel close to the German Christian Democratic Union, albeit working independently and autonomously.  

We are committed to social cohesion in Germany, Europe and throughout the world. We build bridges between citizens and politics and form a link between various social groups and between Germany and other countries.  

We work towards European unification and are aware of the particular importance of Franco-German cooperation. We are convinced that a strong, effective and integrated European Union is in Germany’s vital interest.  

We are committed to maintaining and strengthening transatlantic relations and close friendship with the State of Israel.
We resolutely oppose all forms of extremism, anti-Semitism and racism. Our view of humanity opposes denying any individuals or groups their dignity or their right to participate.

Through our committed work, we strengthen the democratic and constitutional forces and institutions in Germany, Europe and throughout the world. We are convinced that vibrant political parties are a prerequisite for any functioning parliamentary democracy.

We promote social market economic principles in national, European and international discussions, and the future of this economic and social order. Mindful of complex global change processes, we focus on ethical responsibility, sustainability and the preservation of creation.
We promote the assumption of responsibility for oneself, for others and for the com-munity as a whole. We motivate, provide qualifications and activate younger generations with respect to democracy.  

We want to be a seismograph for new political developments and issues. On the basis of shared values, we prepare analyses, estimations and assessments, conduct expert discussions, provide food for thought via dialogue with politicians and citizens, offer fundamental guidance and formulate practical approaches to solutions.  

We stand for a vibrant culture of remembrance and oppose the revision of history and forgetting. We are the institutionalised memory of Christian democracy in Germany.


How do we work?

When conducting our work, we are mindful of citizens and our dialogue partners at home and abroad. We focus on long-term, sustainable cooperation with partners and multipliers from civil society, politics and science who share our values.

 We have a broad range of expertise due to our national, European and global network, with a presence in more than 100 countries. We have access to decision-makers from the most varied political and social backgrounds. Close cooperation with institutions, governments, experts and you talents enables us to respond to current developments and accompany change processes. We identify the issues of the future and provide debate based on experience and approaches to solutions.  

We cultivate respectful relationships with one another and are committed to a culture of open and fair discussion. We work together in a collective, trustful and innovative manner. We want to continuously improve and question our work. In order to make the best possible use of our resources, we rely on cross-departmental cooperation and exchange between headquarters, the educational forums in the countries and our offices abroad. We are open to new, digital and unconventional formats and approaches – and especially to younger generations.