Inner-German Relations


Who doesn’t have the cheering people in mind when thinking about the night between the 9th and 10th November 1989, the night of Germany’s reunification, when the inner German border was reopened after many years. The joy was indescribable in the East, as well as the West. Today, disillusionment often takes the place of joy. Since 1989, a minimisation of trivialization of the SED dictatorship and the considerable financial burden it led to for all German citizens is becoming more prominent in the discussion about these events. And yet, through the reunification of a unified Germany, a great achievement has been accomplished.

© Harald Hauswald, Agentur Ostkreuz Berlin

In order that people don’t lose sight of what is essential in this historical situation, it is necessary that they themselves, specifically the young generations, visualise the background and development of the German division and recognise them as the result of National Socialism and the Second World War. Only then is it possible to form a complete opinion on the events leading to a reunified Germany.

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