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Newsletter of the International Cooperation Department

The visit by Dr Angela Merkel, the Federal Chancellor, to Japan coincided with the announcement on expansion of KAS activities in Japan. | The XIV Meeting of Constitutional Court Judges held in Peru discussed international jurisdiction on human rights – an issue of great relevance in Latin America today. | Stjepan Mesic, the Croatian President, opened a KAS international conference on ”Media and Democracy in South-East Europe”. | The KAS Summer Academy held in Johannesburg offered a training programme in the area of political communication for African opposition politicians.


Newsletter of the International Cooperation Department

The second edition of KAS INTERNATIONAL focuses our highlights regarding the issue of "European integration". Have a look back at our conferences "Europe works together" and "50 years of the Treaties of Rome".


Informationen aus der Hauptabteilung Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Das weltweite Engagement der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung wird nun auch in Form eines Newsletters drei Mal im Jahr vorgestellt. Über „KAS INTERNATIONAL“ möchten wir zudem in Austausch mit der interessierten Öffentlichkeit treten, um weitere Anregungen für unsere Projektarbeit zu gewinnen. Übersetzungen ins Englische und Spanische sind bereits in Planung.

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This series informs about current important events and developments of our work to point out our wide spectrum of activities.

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