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10 Jahre neue marokkanische Verfassung
2011 gab sich das Königreich Marokko eine neue Verfassung, die das Niveau & die Qualität politischer Partizipation für Bürgerinnen & Bürger erhöhen sollte. Wo steht Marokko heute?
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10 years since the Arab Spring
Assessment and Expectations of the Arab Spring Generation
We asked participants of the MENA Leadership Academy of KAS: What does the Arab Spring mean to them, where does their country stand today and where will it stand in ten years time.
Gespräch mit unserem Büroleiter in Tunis, Dr. Holger Dix
Tunesien zehn Jahre nach der Revolution
Wie ist die Situation im Land heute? Wie haben sich Zivilgesellschaft und Tunesien weiterentwickelt und wie bewertet die internationale Gemeinschaft den Demokratisierungsprozess?
10 years since the Arab Spring and the Egyptian revolution
Interview with the Egyptian novelist Alaa Al-Aswany
Alaa Al-Aswani describes how he experienced this revolution, the state of authoritarian regimes in North Africa and the Middle East, and what role literature plays in politics.
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10 years after the "Arab Spring"
Amjad Badr on political developments in Libya
10 Years since the Arab Spring
„Digital Democracy“ in Tunisia
How the organisation „Chnowa Barnemjek“ uses the digitalization to strengthen democracy.
10 Years since the Arab Spring
Where does Tunisia stand today? A conversation with Maya Ksouri
We talked about this with the Tunisian lawyer Maya Ksouri. The interview is available in French with German subtitles.
10 Years since the Arab Spring
Where does Tunisia stand today? A conversation with Hichem Elloumi
We talked about this with Hichem Elloumi, Chairman and CEO of the Cofiab Group and Vice-President of the Tunisian employers' association UTICA.
10 Years since the Arab Spring
Where does Tunisia stand today? A conversation with Yadh Ben Achour
We talked about this with Yadh Ben Achour, university professor, president of the Higher Political Reform Commission and member of the UN Human Rights Committee.
10 Years Arab Spring
Lebanese Activist Hussein El-Achi on the Lebanon Protest Movement
Hussein El-Achi analyzes the emerging motivations of the new protest movement and the particular challenges for political reforms in the Cedar state.
Gespräch mit dem Ex-Botschafter in Syrien & Tunesien
Deutschlands Nahostpolitik 10 Jahre nach dem Arabischen Frühling
Dr. Andreas Reinecke über die Bedeutung Tunesiens für Deutschland sowie die Handlungsoptionen für die deutsche und europäische Nahost- & Nordafrikapolitik.
Arabischer Frühling und die Zukunft Tunesiens
Zeitzeuge Sadem Jebali über Revolution und Proteste
Sadem Jebali ist Wissenschaftler und politischer Analyst.
10 Jahre Arabischer Frühling. Drei Fragen an Michael Bauer
Interview with Jihad Yazigi on the Arab Spring 2011
A decade to the Catastrophe
When Jihad Yazigi, Co-Founder of The Syrian Observer, looks back on the events of the Arab Spring in Syria, only one word comes to his mind: “catastrophe“.

Video series "DIARY OF SYRIA"

Video series "DIARY OF IRAQ"

„From Beirut to Baghdad – Konrad’s Journey through the Middle East“ - Podcast published by our Beirut office

Episode 4

Interview with Sam Dagher, journalist and author, on the the Arab Spring in Syria and Iraq and what is left of the demands and hopes of 2011

Episode 3

Interview with Inna Rudolf, research fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence in London, on the US elections of November 3, 2020 and its impact on American foreign policy in the Middle East with a special focus on Iraq.

Episode 2

Interview with Hafsa Halawa non-resident scholar at the Middle East Institute and an independent consultant for the MENA region on the protests, the governmental crisis and the impact of Covid-19 in Iraq.

Episode 1

Interview with UNHCR’s spokesperson Andreas Kirchhof on the Covid-19 situation in the refugee camps across the Middle East.

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