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From idea to practice

“Building back better” post COVID-19

Article by Manuel Ruiz, senior consultant SPDA, which synthesizes three events we conducted with over 20 specialists to try to build bridges between the declarative and practical for sustainable return post COVID 19 Latin America

The first debate was titled Strengthening Sustainable Development, Conservation
and the Climate Agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean, regarding the COVID-19
Crisis; the second was An Opportunity for Nature Based Solutions and the New Green,
Blue and Circular Economy and, finally, From Idea to Practice: Elements for “Building
Back Better” post COVID-19 in the Light of Discussions on Development, Environment
and the Economy.

Over the last few months, there have been growing and justified calls to use the COVID-
19 crisis to “build back better” in terms of a path towards sustainable development
as well as multiple declarations and expressions by important institutions and
personalities. However, a dose of reality and reckoning is essential to prepare for this
aspiration and ambition. The enormous difficulties countries presently face to visualize
and begin “building back better” requires understanding the problems and challenges
and also requires to know what some of the minimum conditions and enabling factors
–at the institutional, social and economic levels- are in order to have a better chance
to success in this endeavor.

This report offers a synthesis of the main presentations made during each debate,
a summary of discussions among the participants and a series of reflections and
recommendations moving forward. A summary is offered on critical issues, converging
opinions, primary concerns and common elements expressed and highlighted during
the discussions.​​​​​​​


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